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VG-Strandberg Guitar

VG-Strandberg Guitar

VG-Strandberg Guitar


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BOSS Announces V-BDN VG-Strandberg Guitar

Limited-Edition Strandberg Boden guitar with custom onboard BOSS V-Guitar system

Los Angeles, CA, September 8, 2017 — BOSS introduces the V-BDN VG-Strandberg guitar, a trailblazing new instrument that fuses the compelling designs of Swedish guitar maker Strandberg with the advanced V-Guitar technologies from BOSS. The guitar is based on Strandberg’s popular Boden J Standard model and features onboard BOSS tech that allows the user to choose from a large selection of guitar, synth, and bass sounds and access full-instrument down-tunings with the turn of a single knob.

Forward-thinking guitarists are always searching for ways to craft new sounds and develop fresh musical ideas and turn to innovators like Strandberg and BOSS for cutting-edge tools that help them realize their individual artistic visions. The V-BDN gives these ambitious players an inspiring new voice with unlimited creative freedom, backed by the respected innovations of two of the most progressive companies in the musical instrument industry.

The V-BDN includes all the unique design elements that have made Strandberg guitars so appealing to modern players everywhere. The headless guitar is scientifically engineered for organic tone, ideal balance, and comfortable playability and features fanned frets, an ergonomic body, and the patented EndurNeck™ neck profile. Another standout aspect of the V-BDN is its custom hardware made from lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum, which provides highly effective transfer of string vibrations into the wood.

BOSS’s leading-edge V-Guitar technologies are the perfect complement to Strandberg’s bold approach to instrument design. Via a multi-position mode selector, the V-BDN provides quick access to all types of modeled humbucking and single-coil guitar pickups, plus bass, electric sitar, and acoustic guitar tones. Five synth voices are available as well, including three variations of Roland’s classic GR-300 Guitar Synthesizer from the 1980s.

With a twist of the tuning knob on the V-BDN, users can go from standard tuning to five different down-tunings, all without adjusting the actual string tension. Tunings include semitone down, whole-step down, drop D, drop C#, and drop C.

Offered in a limited production run, the V-BDN is available in a transparent blue finish and comes with a padded instrument bag. 

To learn more about the BOSS VG-Strandberg guitar, visit Boss.info.


Photo file 1: BOSS_VG-Strandberg_Angled.JPG
Photo caption 1: BOSS V-BDN VG-Strandberg Guitar

Photo file 2: BOSS_VG-Strandberg_Straight.JPG
Photo caption 2: BOSS V-BDN VG-Strandberg Guitar

Photo file 3: BOSS_VG-Strandberg_Closeup.JPG
Photo caption 3: BOSS V-BDN VG-Strandberg Guitar

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About BOSS
BOSS, a division of Roland Corporation, has achieved legendary status among guitarists by offering a diverse, world-leading product lineup that includes amps, compact effects processors, multi-effects processors, digital recorders, rhythm machines, metronomes, tuners, vocal products, and more. For more information, visit Boss.info.

About Strandberg Guitars
Strandberg Guitars is committed to innovation and has a history dating back to 1982. We continuously strive toward new solutions that address the needs of guitarists today, with the global musician community engaged in the design process. We are based in Uppsala, Sweden, and craft our instruments by hand where “feel” is required and by CNC where precision is required. The Strandberg brand represents ergonomics, playability, quality, innovation, and design in an excellent-sounding package.




















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