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Light Impressions Display



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Light Impressions Comes to Miami’s Wynwood Art Walk

— Opening reception on Friday, February 13, 2015, will mark the beginning of Light Impressions display in Miami, running through February 22 —

— First-ever digital mobile phone photography installation featuring photography from 40 international mobile phone photographers displayed on 40 Apple iPads on display at the historic Wynwood Building —

SEAGROVE BEACH, FLORIDA, February 12, 2015Light Impressions, an acclaimed and pioneering exhibit showcasing mobile phone photography, will be a featured exhibit at the Wynwood Art Walk in Miami, Florida, from February 13 through February 22, 2015. Displayed at the historic Wynwood Building (2750 NW 3rd Ave, Suite #14, Miami, FL 33127), Light Impressions will be the subject of an opening reception on Friday, February 13, from 4-9 p.m. Conceived by Colleen Duffley of Colleen Duffley Productions (CDP), Light Impressions is one of the flagship endeavors of Florida’s Emerald Coast multi-discipline art venue Studio b. “[Light Impressions has] been at the forefront of documenting the emergence of a new art movement,” stated Eileen Fritsch, of the blog Creatives at Work.

Light Impressions on Tour
Light Impressions is a Celebration of Mobile Phone Photography showcasing the curated work of 40 mobile phone photographers from around the world on 40 iPads. It is the first mobile phone photography exhibit of this magnitude in the world. With an iPad assigned to each artist, each unit features 13 images continually looping at different intervals. Light Impressions has been showcased in venues and galleries around the United States such as TEDx, LAMAF, venues in New Orleans and Austin, and an unprecedented two-time appearance at Art Basel.

Light Impressions was originally conceived by Colleen Duffely as part of a Studio b. themed exhibit entitled Rock, Paper, Digital that showcased a range of artistic work through time, from primitive methods and mediums through the most contemporary. Colleen seized the opportunity to add a touch of primitive to the Light Impressions exhibit; the metal structure on which the 40 iPad 2 units are mounted was made of materials recovered from the wreckage of 1995’s Hurricane Opal that had blown off of a restaurant. “It seemed appropriate to me – mobile phone photography in particular has a ‘found-art’ sensibility to it, and what better way to frame it than on re-purposed materials?” said Duffley. “Mobile phone photography is still an emerging art form,” adds Duffley. “I know people are going to be astounded when they see what is being done in the movement. All of it is on a mobile phone – from the capture of an image to its processing and publishing. It is really mind-blowing and wonderful. It’s a pure art form – far more about the creativity than about expensive gear or intricate techniques.”

"Experiencing Light Impressions is like opening a time capsule that gives us a glimpse into the early days of the mobile phone photography movement,” stated acclaimed, internationally known photographer Bob Weil. “The first edition that Colleen Duffley created in 2011 is surely the definitive reference for so many of the finest artists working in the medium, then and now. I'm honored to be a part of it, as are so many others. Kudos to Colleen for the prescience to mount the exhibition that first year, and for taking on the significant expense to do so each year since then."

Colleen Duffley Productions
Colleen Duffley has been shooting people, places and things around the globe for 25 years. She shoots, directs, produces, and concepts for magazines, commercials and ad campaigns, but has never limited herself and has since developed plan b., or Studio b. rather. It only seems fitting since the first event of Studio b. was a camera phone event and now three years later, as Studio b. has grown nationally and internationally, that the camera phone event has led to this mobile phone photography exhibit. Colleen’s purpose behind the original event was to create a level playing field where all people could be creative, and not need expensive equipment. It’s about capturing a moment and being a part of a creative group. Colleen always has to take things to the next level!


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