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A new Bose® RoomMatch® array module loudspeaker with asymmetrical coverage pattern.

The Bose® RoomMatch® Utility RMU208 small-format sound-reinforcement loudspeaker.

Bose® RoomMatch® RMS218 subwoofer with grille on.

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Bose® Expands Line of RoomMatch® Array Module Loudspeakers with New Offerings

Bose® Professional Systems Division (booth 959) has expanded its range of RoomMatch® array module loudspeakers with several new offerings.

Building upon the innovative designs pioneered by the Bose engineering team, 22 new RoomMatch array module loudspeakers with horizontally asymmetrical coverage patterns are being introduced, providing system designers with unprecedented coverage control and scalability for venues including houses of worship, auditoriums, performing arts centers and sports arenas. The asymmetrical pattern modules improve sound quality in many room shapes by reducing side-wall reflections, which helps improve consistency of sound quality, seat-to-seat, without the need for “yaw in” array aiming. The asymmetrical pattern modules also improve stereo soundstage effects when used either in left/right pairs or in L/C/R array configurations. The modules feature the industry’s only large-format asymmetrical waveguides, with pattern control down to 800 Hz, which improve vocal clarity by reducing room reflections in the critical 1-4 kHz vocal intelligibility range. All RoomMatch full-range modules utilize six Bose EMB2 extended–midrange compression drivers with 2-inch voice coils for the high frequencies and dual Bose LF10 high-excursion, 10-inch woofers with 3-inch voice coils for the low frequencies. RoomMatch full-range array modules feature a frequency response of 60-16k Hz (+/- 3 db) with long-term continuous power handling of 500 W low-frequency section and 150 W high-frequency section, with peak handling of 2000 W low-frequency section and 600 W high-frequency section.

Also, for system designers needing a loudspeaker for high-quality foreground music, under-balcony, zone fill and vocal-range floor monitor applications, Bose Professional Systems Division introduces the RoomMatch Utility RMU208 small-format sound-reinforcement loudspeaker. The loudspeaker features a single Bose EMB2 compression driver (with 2.0-inch voice coil) to provide mid/high-frequency voicing similar to the RoomMatch full-range array modules. The EMB2 driver features a patented phase plug that lowers distortion and allows the use of a lower crossover frequency to improve vocal sound quality. Dual Bose LF8 8-inch woofers (with 2.0-inch, extended-excursion voice coils) provide full-range output down to 80 Hz (+/-3 dB), and a 90° x 60° constant-directivity high-frequency horn provides wide, even coverage and may be rotated 90° in the enclosure.

The RoomMatch RMS218 subwoofer is designed to integrate with Bose RoomMatch Progressive Directivity Array systems that require top-class sound quality with program material that extends down to 25 Hz, allowing use in the most demanding sound reinforcement situations. The RMS218 subwoofer features dual Bose LF18 18-inch high-excursion, 4.5-inch voice coil, neodymium-magnet transducers that increase power handling and reduce power compression. The RMS218 VLF-subwoofer module can be used with RoomMatch full-range array modules to form high-impact, 3-way systems. For the ultimate performance RoomMatch system, the RMS218 VLF-subwoofer can be used with RoomMatch RMS215 and full-range modules, to form 4-way systems. The RMS218 subwoofer has a rated frequency response of 30-200 Hz (+/- 3 dB) and usable frequency range (-10 dB) that extends to 25 Hz. Long-term continuous power handling is rated at 2500 watts (2-hour test) which provides peak sound pressure level capabilities of 141 dB.

For more information, please visit http://pro.Bose.com.


Photo File 1: RoomMatch_RM602820_GrilleOff.JPG
Photo Caption 1: A new Bose® RoomMatch® array module loudspeaker with asymmetrical coverage pattern.

Photo File 2: RoomMatch_RMU208.JPG
Photo Caption 2: The Bose® RoomMatch® Utility RMU208 small-format sound-reinforcement loudspeaker.

Photo File 3: RoomMatch_RMS218_GrilleOn.JPG
Photo Caption 3: Bose® RoomMatch® RMS218 subwoofer with grille on.

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