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Harry McCarthy, pictured at The Drum Pad in Nashville, employing acoustical treatment products from Auralex®. Photo credit: Andy Snyder. © 2017

Closeup of Auralex® acoustical treatment products employed at The Drum Pad in Nashville

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Auralex® Acoustical Treatment Products Create the Ultimate Controlled Environment for New Education Space “The Drum Pad” at Drum Paradise Nashville

– Harry McCarthy’s new educational facility “The Drum Pad” in Nashville (an outgrowth of his successful Drum Paradise rental, cartage and storage business) brings together students, instructors and master teachers, all in an environment using Auralex® acoustical treatment products –

Indianapolis, IN, September 6, 2017 – Percussion educational facility The Drum Pad is the most recent expansion of Harry McCarthy’s drumming universe. In 1989, the Harrison, NY native established Drum Paradise Los Angeles, a cartage, storage and rental company whose clients included Ringo Starr, Steve Gadd, Kenny Aronoff, Dave Weckl, Luis Conte and many other high profile drummers. In 1994, McCarthy relocated to Nashville, where he expanded the venture with Drum Paradise Nashville. All this time, McCarthy worked as an in-demand drum technician, touring with E Street Band drummer Max Weinberg and legendary drummer Steve Gadd with singer Al Jarreau. Last March saw the opening of Nashville-based The Drum Pad, a new teaching facility for drummers where students watch and interact with leading stick wizards during regular and master classes, located within Drum Paradise in the Berry hill area of Nashville. The Drum Pad allows each student and teacher to benefit from the acoustical environment created by treatment products from Auralex® Acoustics, Inc., the world’s leading brand of acoustical treatments, which are used throughout the facility.

McCarthy and The Drum Pad operations manager JonMichael Brady use two HoverDeck™ v2 drum isolation platform systems, one for a small private instruction booth and one for the larger classroom where visiting professional drummers will offer master classes to Drum Pad students. (Chris McHugh, whose credits include Carrie Underwood, Faith Hill, and Keith Urban, and who is also an Auralex user, performed the Drum Pad’s first-ever master class.) Auralex Studiofoam® Pro is used on walls and other surfaces, to minimize reflections and keep the sound highly focused, while LENRD® bass traps provide a way to tame low-frequency room nodes. Auralex GeoFusors™ are used to enhance the openness and sonic accuracy of the rooms without removing acoustic energy and were easily installed into the existing drop-ceiling structure of the facility.

“We’ve gotten quite a few compliments on the way the rooms sound, thanks to the Auralex treatments,” says McCarthy, who adds that the Auralex products have increased the room’s articulation without sacrificing their natural ambience. “The rooms sound tight but are still very punchy and lively.”

The Master classes at the Drum pad are also being recorded and will create an ongoing source for future online content. The Auralex treatment products help create engaging live performance spaces but also act as recording treatments, which will facilitate any later audio processing, if so desired. “The Auralex treatments offer excellent acoustical control of our spaces,” says McCarthy. “Great-sounding for live, and just what you’d want from a recording space. They enhance the educational value and capability of The Drum Pad today and in the future.” For future upcoming master classes, please sign up at www.drumparadise.com.

For more information, please visit www.auralex.com/.

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Photo Caption 1: Harry McCarthy, pictured at The Drum Pad in Nashville, employing acoustical treatment products from Auralex®. Photo credit: Andy Snyder. © 2017

Photo File 2: Auralex_HarryMcCarthy_Photo2.JPG
Photo Caption 2: Closeup of Auralex® acoustical treatment products employed at The Drum Pad in Nashville

Photo File 3: DrumPad_Logo.JPG
Photo Caption 3: Logo for The Drum Pad

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