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Reaction Vessel PhantomFocus MixRoom™

Studio Designer Carl Tatz and Reaction Vessel owner Joe Bear during the studio's PhantomFocus System™ commissioning

Vessel PhantomFocus Mixroom – rear




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Bear Hibernates in PhantomFocus MixRoom™ 

Musician Joe Bear finds the perfect foil for home quarantine with his Carl Tatz Design® PhantomFocus MixRoom™ 

Nashville, TN: If he had been given the choice, musician Joe Bear could not have timed his COVID-19 quarantine more perfectly, as his new PhantomFocus MixRoom™, named Reaction Vessel, came online just as the state of Colorado’s shelter-in-place directives went into effect. This beautiful home facility located in historic Loveland, Colorado (the nation’s Sweetheart City), in the Rocky Mountains features the full palette of PhantomFocus Precision Monitoring Instruments. This includes a high-end bi-amped PFM UHD-1000 Reference Monitor System, a pair of PFM ICE Cube-12 Subwoofers, Argosy Dual 15-800 Carl Tatz Edition Workstation, PhantomFocus Monitor Stands by Sound Anchor, and two Raven Chrome eChairs. All PhantomFocus MixRoom installations rely on the Carl Tatz Signature Series™ custom acoustic modules by Auralex®.

Bear accepted an invitation from studio designer and monitoring expert Carl Tatz to visit one of his PhantomFocus MixRoom studios in Nashville. “I’m glad I took Carl up on his generous offer,” says Bear. “My first sitting in the hot seat (PhantomFocus eChair™) in front of a PhantomFocus System™ was a literally stunning experience. It had me grinning ear-to-ear, and I knew I had to have that level of performance.”

After several decades of emphasis on live performance, Joe Bear is refocusing his skills upon recorded material. In this reinvention, he is relying upon his PhantomFocus MixRoom to accelerate his transition.

Bear, who over the years has worked with artists such as Leon Russell, Shelley West, Roomful of Blues, 38 Special and Blues Traveler, is ecstatic with the results: “Carl has taken this smallish underutilized room in my house and transformed it into a top-flight mix room. When I sit down to work, I get the same jaw-dropping experience that I had upon first hearing a PhantomFocus System. The ability to truly hear what is happening in a mix has allowed me to leapfrog any previous results. All the parts of the system have yielded a room that looks – and most importantly sounds – impeccably inviting. It puts a smile on my face when I sit down to work every morning.”

Experience an interactive 360-degree view of the studio here.

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Photo caption 1: Reaction Vessel PhantomFocus MixRoom™

Photo file 2: ReactionVessel_Photo2.jpg
Pictured L-R: Studio Designer Carl Tatz and Reaction Vessel owner Joe Bear during the studio's PhantomFocus System™ commissioning

Photo file 3: ReactionVessel_Photo3.jpg
Reaction Vessel PhantomFocus Mixroom – rear

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About Carl Tatz Design
Carl Tatz is the award-winning studio designer and principal of Nashville-based Carl Tatz Design® LLC (CTD). Drawing upon his thirty plus years of experience as a GRAMMY®-nominated engineer/producer, award-winning commercial studio owner (Recording Arts), five-time nominee/one -time recipient of the NAMM TEC Award for his proprietary turnkey PhantomFocus™  MixRoom™ design for Vintage King Nashville, he has shared his unique acoustic approach in lectures and on panels at such esteemed venues as Berklee College of Music, SAE, NAMM and Summer NAMM, the Art Institute, MIX Nashville, EARS Chicago, Blackbird Academy and various AES events. His design work encompasses commercial, educational, personal recording studios, private screening rooms and is the creator of the PhantomFocus™ System monitor tuning protocol and PhantomFocus line of Precision Monitoring Instruments.

About the PhantomFocus™ System
Carl Tatz Design’s proprietary PhantomFocus™ System monitor tuning protocol offers clients a unique opportunity to have a truly world-class monitoring experience in their room, no matter how modest. All speakers interact with the room they’re in, and the PhantomFocus System allows any monitors to perform at maximum accuracy - in any room - with a full 20Hz-to-20KHz frequency response and pinpoint imaging in what some owners have described as a “holographic sweet spot.” It is a new level of sonic accuracy that engenders easier, better and faster mixing that translates well in any environment.

There are approximately fifty steps in the proprietary PhantomFocus System implementation protocol, including phase alignment, system damping, speaker decoupling and isolation mounting, careful assessment of engineer/speaker placement relative to primary axial room modes, proprietary laser-calibrated speaker distancing and angle alignments, digitally-controlled crossover points and slopes for pass filtering, and, proprietary, multiband parametric equalization.

Hardware includes PhantomFocus monitor stands, Phantom Focus PFM ICE-Cube-12 Ssubwoofers systems and the PhantomFocus Processor. The PhantomFocus System implementation is a full two-day process and can be applied to near-fields, mid-fields, and large soffit mounted monitors, regardless of manufacturer.

Carl Tatz Design installs the PhantomFocus System in existing control rooms and in all PhantomFocus MixRoom studios that are designed and built from the ground up by CTD. The result is like the aural equivalent of HD TV. Once you experience a PhantomFocus System, you can’t go back.

About the Carl Tatz Signature Series™ by Auralex®
The Carl Tatz Signature Series™ by Auralex® family of control room acoustic modules (now featured in a dedicated section on the Auralex website), emulates the look and acoustics of Carl Tatz's custom designs at a fraction of the cost.

When paired with the acclaimed PhantomFocus System, it becomes the CTD MixRoom™, the sonic performance of which is unrivaled anywhere, defining a new standard for the audio professional. The MixRoom can quickly and affordably transform a simple rectangular room into a world-class mixing environment without peer.  

"We're honored to work with Carl Tatz, one of the top studio designers in the industry, on this exciting new Auralex offering. This new series makes Carl's signature style easy and affordable enough for any serious studio owner. Now virtually any room can benefit from the same aesthetic and sound control enjoyed by top hitmakers like Rascal Flatts and others," says Eric Smith, founder and president of Auralex Acoustics.

For more information about the PhantomFocus Monitor System, please contact Carl Tatz Design, 6666 Brookmont Terrace, Suite #1109, Nashville, TN 37205 Office: 615.354.6242, Direct: 615.400.5479 

Email: carl@carltatzdesign.com
Web: www.carltatzdesign.com
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