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Mastering suite RR1 at Capitol Studios

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Capitol Studios Online Mastering Services Are a Big Hit with Early Adopters

Los Angeles, CA, July 25, 2018 – Capitol Studios, the iconic and state-of-the-art recording facility located in the historic Capitol Tower in Hollywood, California, recently launched its Online Mastering and Vinyl-Cutting services, by which clients’ projects benefit from the entirety of Capitol Studios’ world-class mixing and mastering facilities, including one-of-a-kind echo chambers. For mastering services, clients choose an engineer from the list of world-class mastering engineers (Robert Vosgien, Evren Göknar, Ian Sefchick and Kevin Bartley). These mastering services have been a huge hit among early adopters.

Aaron Gonzales, an engineer from San Antonio, TX, and Sam Maul, Chief Engineer at Shock City Studios in St. Louis, are two early adopters and satisfied customers who both chose Capitol’s Robert Vosgien (credits: Black Sabbath, Gene Simmons, Elvis Costello, Alice Cooper, Bob Seger, No Doubt, Bush and BJ The Chicago Kid) for mastering their projects.

Gonzales remarks, “In the recent past, I was mastering my own music, but I was looking for other options. I looked around at a bunch of online mixing and mastering services, but most of them were a machine or automated process and seemed cheap and clunky. When I found the Capitol Studios website and read about their new mastering services, I had a hunch that this was the one. I am very happy with the results on my project, and I especially loved the ease of the website and the easy download and upload feature. It’s great to see a major studio like Capitol offering their services to all the independent artists out there who want to add a world-class finishing touch to their music.”

Maul notes, “I had been using local engineers for mastering, but frankly I wanted to get a new sound for the artist I was working with. I knew that if I could give it to the next-level professionals, we could really make it shine. The engineers available through Capitol Studios’ online mastering services are the type of pros that can make that happen. I loved the service – the immediate feedback is incredible. The first song turned out great, and I have already uploaded a second song and referred a friend to the site too.”

Keiichiro Nemoto of Tokyo, Japan, was among the first to give the online mastering services an international reach. He chose to work with Evren Göknar (credits: Lenny Kravitz, Iggy Pop, The Voice, George Clinton, N.W.A., The Smashing Pumpkins, Mariah Carey and 2pac). Nemoto notes, “My friend showed me an article announcing the new online mastering services, and I decided to try it out. I think the process was very easy, and it’s great to have another engineer’s perspective on a mixed file. I am very satisfied with the result, and I have already recommended the site to several friends.”

For more information, please visit www.capitolstudios.com.  

Photo file: MasteringStudioRR1.JPG
Photo caption: Mastering suite RR1 at Capitol Studios

About Capitol Studios
For over 60 years, Capitol Studios has been a destination where some of the world’s top musicians have come to collaborate and record their most important projects. Housed in the historic Capitol Tower in Hollywood, Studio A and B have hosted legends ranging from Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Nat King Cole to Bob Dylan, the Beach Boys and contemporary greats such as Green Day and John Mayer. Capitol Studios specializes in live recording sessions, webcasts, string dates, mixing to film shoots and videos, as well as mastering to vinyl.

Capitol Studios is a subsidiary of Capitol Music Group, a division of Universal Music Group, which is a fully owned subsidiary of Vivendi.







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