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Promotional graphic for the upcoming METalliance (Music Engineering and Technology Alliance) “In Session” event on April 27-28 at the Power Station New England, Waterford, CT. Poster made by @sylvia_massy.


METalliance events press contact:
Robert Clyne

METalliance press contact:
David Goggin

METalliance® to hold “In Session” event at Power Station New England,
April 27 & 28

Award-winning engineers/producers Elliot Scheiner, Frank Filipetti and Niko Bolas to cover a wide-range of topics including tracking/recording a live act, mixing in stereo and immersive, and much more

NASHVILLE, TN, March 6, 2024 – The METalliance (Music Engineering and Technology Alliance), the preeminent association of award-winning audio engineers/producers, announces its next “In Session” event on April 27-28 at the Power Station New England, Waterford, CT. This weekend event features two days of sessions, including Tracking/Recording in iconic Studio A with Elliot Scheiner on day 1 and with Frank Filipetti on day 2; and Mixing in stereo and immersive in historic Studio B with Frank Filipetti on day 1 and with Niko Bolas on day 2. Additionally throughout the two day “In Session” event, Scheiner, Filipetti and Bolas will share their insights on the latest in music recording and immersive techniques. 

Held at the legendary Power Station New England facility, this “In Session” event will allow participants to engage directly with METalliance members in live recording and mixing sessions. Attendees will gain close-up experience and insights into essential tracking and microphone techniques, deeply immersing themselves in the intricate recording session process, and also actively participating in mixing, critical listening and evaluation exercises with some of the greatest engineers/producers of all time. The METalliance “In Session” events present a distinctive chance to explore living history while acquiring invaluable skills from esteemed master craftsmen – members of the METalliance. Each participant engages in four sessions, tailored to offer distinct experiences in the recording process and facilitated by our esteemed members. As an added bonus, those participants who sign up for VIP attendance will get a chance to have a review of one of their mixes by either Elliot Scheiner, Frank Filipetti or Niko Bolas. This will occur after the normal session hours on Saturday. This opportunity will be strictly limited to eight people. Admittance to all four sessions is restricted to ensure an intimate, personalized interaction.

“For the forthcoming event at Power Station New England, we’re teaming up with outstanding musicians for the tracking and recording sessions, and for an unparalleled stereo and immersive mixing session experience we’re in a cutting-edge studio control room environment,” stated METalliance co-founder Chuck Ainlay. “Guests will have the unique chance to witness and engage with our acclaimed METalliance engineers/producers Elliot Scheiner, Frank Filipetti and Niko Bolas as they demonstrate their individual recording and mixing approaches live. Our ‘In Session’ gatherings offer an incomparable opportunity to delve into the realms of recording, mixing, and session lore, while learning invaluable techniques from our esteemed team of master producers and engineers.”

The 2024 series of METalliance “In Session” events also includes scheduled locations as follows: May 18-19 at Blackbird Studio, Nashville, TN, followed by dates at EastWest Studios, Los Angeles, CA (dates to be announced) and at The Hideout, Las Vegas, NV (dates to be announced). 

About Power Station New England
Power Station NE, located in Waterford, CT, was founded in 1995, based on the exact design and acoustics of the original Power Station in New York City. At the center of Power Station New England is the refurbished main recording space with signature 35-foot dome, plus four isolation spaces and the historic control room, which now features a vintage Neve 8068 MkII console. The console was restored to its original 1979 glory by Vintage King Audio and console legend Ed Evans, who worked at the original Power Station in NYC. The Neve console was originally installed at Electric Lady Studio in NYC in 1979, and most recently at Pachyderm Studios in Minnesota. The console played a role in historic recordings by such artists as John Lennon, AC/DC, Van Halen and Nirvana.

To secure your spot for a unique and enriching experience with the METalliance, or for more information on the upcoming METalliance “In Session” events, visit https://metalliance.com.

Photo file: METa_Powerstation_Poster.JPG
Photo credit: Promotional graphic for the upcoming METalliance (Music Engineering and Technology Alliance) “In Session” event on April 27-28 at the Power Station New England, Waterford, CT. Poster made by @sylvia_massy.

About The METalliance
Established in 2005, The METalliance (Music Engineering & Technology Alliance) is composed of globally-recognized, award-winning audio engineers/producers Chuck Ainlay, Niko Bolas, Jimmy Douglass, Frank Filipetti, George Massenburg, Sylvia Massy and Elliot Scheiner, who have been deeply involved in establishing techniques and technical standards that are the foundation of modern music recording. The METalliance works with producers, engineers, educators and manufacturers to further the best practices and technology developed in modern recording and to help ensure the skills and techniques that have developed through the history of recording are carried forward.

METalliance: strategic union of music producers and engineers dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of audio recording. https://metalliance.com















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