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Mike Dvorscak and Stella Emmett. Photo by Emily Greco

Stella Emmett. Photo by Joseph Charles Viola

Stella Emmett Admirer artwork. Album Artwork by Lucie Murphy



Upstate NY Indie Pop Artist Stella Emmett Announces Debut Album Admirer,
Out August 23 (CD/Cassette/Digital)

Brooklyn, NY, August 23, 2019 — Singer-songwriter Stella Emmett announces the release of her debut album Admirer, available August 23 on CD, cassette and digital. Admirer is a summer record; spare beats and woozy synths from Stella Emmett (aka Stella Kortchmar) & co-producer Mike Dvorscak lie under crystal clear vocals that float effortlessly over the top. The whole album feels like one mid-afternoon daydream, a complete statement with a unified mood, fit for both close and casual listening. Emmett dubs the album’s style “IkeaCore.” Emmett will be hosting a listening party in Brooklyn on Aug. 23 at Mirror in the Woods (RSVP here: https://www.facebook.com/events/913473178990400/).

First single "Done W U" out now: Soundcloud
RIYL: Robyn, Sylvan Esso, Half Waif, The Postal Service, James Blake

Stream or download whole album here:
Genres: Electropop, Indie Pop, Chillwave, Downtempo, Electronic, Synth-Pop
Recommended Tracks: 1, 3, 6, 7, 9

Visit Stella Emmett on social media:
Facebook || Instagram

Sample the album and read thoughts from Emmett here: https://www.talkhouse.com/hear-first-stella-emmetts-admirer/

More about the album:
Two summers ago, Stella Emmett started making Admirer. She and co-producer Mike Dvorscak knew they wanted to make a full-length electronic pop record, a collection of songs tied to the better parts of the warmer months. Between Albany and White Plains, New York, the duo spent the long summer days writing, recording, and polishing the LP while following a recipe: Build the songs up, strip them back down, add extra ingredients (harmonies, synth pads, collegiate samples) with ease and purpose. Most importantly, indulge in the collaborative nature of it all. The outcome is a tiered cake, nuanced, layered, and light – familiar in structure and unique in taste.

Admirer thrives on a relaxed kind of energy, the kind that kicks in from lounging around in the late afternoon and remembering you’ve got plans in a few hours. Optimism is dripping from every surface like cave stalactites during a heatwave: “DayDream” is for letting go of a fantasy when reality has caught up to it; “Out Of Town” is for holding on to a partner to escape problems at home. Silver linings are in high supply – you just have to listen for them.

Additionally, the recipe called for outside talent. In the words of Emmett, “When you’re unsure of where a song is headed, the best thing to do is bring someone else in.” Admirer features the varied stylings of indie pop summoner Half Waif, guitar mages Blue Ranger and Russel the Leaf, and Devoye, a jack-of-all-trades on the 1s and 2s. Just as the middle months colored the entire record, the guest musicians color the middle third of the album, right when Emmett and Dvorscak find their spot in the sunlight. The record closes out with “Haircut,” a reserved goodbye and a reminder, ultimately, that you can always create your own warmth if the cold’s not cutting it.

Together Emmett and Dvorscak form the production duo “beachball” – of which Admirer is the first fully realized project.

On the style “IkeaCore,” Stella Emmett comments, “This wasn’t necessarily my intention, but listening back to Admirer now, I feel like I made it to serve as a daily life soundtrack for people. I wanted to create an album that was at once deeply personal and about my actual life but also a sort of sound palette people could put on at parties, or listen to on the train, or listen to while cooking dinner or even while shopping at IKEA, thus the descriptor ‘IkeaCore.’ It’s an easy listening album that comes from moments in my life that weren’t always easy.

Quotes about the songs:

“‘Calvin Klein’ is about outgrowing people in your life who may not have always had your best interest at heart, much like how we outgrow trends that no longer represent us.”

“‘DayDream’ is probably my favorite song off of the album. I’ve relied heavily on fantasies to cope with stress since I can remember, and there comes a point where that isn’t as harmless a coping mechanism as you might think, because it interferes with your waking life. This song is about coming to terms with that.”

“I see ‘Done W U’ as an early-aughts sitcom theme song about a fictional breakup."

Album Credits:

All songs written by Stella Kortchmar
All songs produced & engineered by Stella Kortchmar & Mike Dvorscak unless noted.

“Out Of Town”
Mixed by Kenta Yonesaka

Mixed by Kenta Yonesaka

“Done W U”
Mixed by Kenta Yonesaka
Evan Marre: Electric Bass, Guitar, Additional Vocals

“Haircut (Devoye Remix)”
Produced & Mixed by Devoye Folkes
Sam Skinner: Additional Keyboards

“Blue Ranger Interlude”
Mixed by Mike Dvorscak
Josh Marre: Guitar, Guitar Engineering

“Final Fantasy (ft. Half Waif)”
Mixed by Kenta Yonesaka
Nandi Plunkett: Vocals, Keyboards, Additional Production & Engineering

Mixed by Kenta Yonesaka
Evan Marre: Additional Keyboards

Mixed by Kenta Yonesaka
Nandi Plunkett: Additional Vocals

“Calvin Klein”
Mixed by Mike Dvorscak

“Haircut Redux”
Mixed by Mike Dvorscak
Sam Skinner: Additional Keyboards

Photo File 1: Press_Photo_1_Emily_Greco_Stella_Kortchmar.JPG
Photo Caption 1: Mike Dvorscak and Stella Emmett. Photo by Emily Greco

Photo File 2: Press_Photo_2_Joesph_Charles_Viola_Stella_Kortchmar.jpg
Photo Caption 2: Stella Emmett. Photo by Joseph Charles Viola

Photo File 3: ADMIRER_cover_Stella_Kortchmar.jpg
Photo Caption 3: Stella Emmett Admirer artwork. Album Artwork by Lucie Murphy

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