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Visit the “Novation Arcade” at Booth 10506 (Hall A)

The NAMM Show, Anaheim, CA, January 24, 2019 – Novation, a leading brand of electronic music tools, has prepared a special treat for attendees of this year’s NAMM Show – the “Novation Arcade,” set up at the company’s exhibition booth, #10506 (Hall A). This unique configuration demonstrates Novation’s products in fun, cerebral, and interactive way, utilizing sight and touch, in addition to sound.

In a setup modeled after a 90s-style arcade, four game stations will be in operation: “PADL” (a unique take on PONG), played on a 2x3 Novation Launchpad grid; “Bass Invaders,” a chance for players to immerse themselves, visually and audibly, into Novation synths; “Launchpad XL MkII”, NAMM 2018’s giant Launchpad, doubled in size; and “The Space Ship,” where players will get to make music using the new Novation SL MkIII controller, housed in a custom-built “flight simulator”-style console. In playing these games, customers will collect stickers on a game card, which, once full, they can trade-in for a custom piece of Novation merchandise, or enter to win a Novation Circuit groovebox.

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Photo caption 1: Game card for the Novation Arcade

For further information on Novation products, head to www.novationmusic.com or contact:
USA: Taylor Morken +1 (310) 341 7266 // taylor.morken@novationmusic.com

About Novation
Novation is a British company designing innovative tools for electronic music-makers. Novation specialises in designing synthesisers, grid-based and keyboard controllers and grooveboxes – technology that translates ideas into reality, channeling artistic energy to create new music. Its Launchpad range of grid-based controllers continues to fundamentally shape the electronic music of tomorrow. From the serious hardware-oriented music-maker looking for new inspiration, to electronic music fans looking to start a journey into making their own tunes, Novation seeks to inspire.



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