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Everybody Loves Me
by Leland Sklar.


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Legendary Bassist Leland Sklar of The Immediate Family Publishes New Photography Book, Everybody Loves Me

New York NY, December 23, 2020 — Leland Sklar, the legendary bassist who has performed alongside some of the biggest names in music history (Phil Collins, James Taylor, Toto and Billy Cobham, to name a few), and who is currently a member of The Immediate Family (presently signed to Quarto Valley Records), has published a new photographic coffee-table book, Everybody Loves Me – filled with photos taken by Sklar of his fans, colleagues and friends giving him the “middle finger” gesture as a sign of camaraderie and affection.

Sklar has always had a strong and heartfelt relationship with his fans, who love not only his musicianship, but also his iconic beard and quirky sense of humor. At some point throughout the years, it became customary for his fans and famous friends alike to “flip the bird” to Sklar as a greeting and inside joke, and Sklar’s passion for photography led him to document as many of these encounters as possible. Everybody Loves Me collects thousands of these photos, presented with warmth, affection and humor.

A review in Music Connection magazine notes, “Okay, this book is not War and Peace, and it’s not for the fainthearted, but it sure is giddy fun flipping through these pages.”

The book can be purchased directly from Sklar’s website in either autographed or non-autographed editions. Visit lelandsklarsbeard.com for more information.

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