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Iron Mountain Entertainment Services studio engineer Kelly Pribble, pictured with his 2016 Imagineer Award.

The 2016 Iron Mountain Entertainment Services Imagineer Award, presented to Kelly Pribble.



Iron Mountain Entertainment Services Establishes Imagineer Award

– Inaugural award goes to studio engineer Kelly Pribble for spearheading
Iron Mountain’s proprietary Mold Remediation Technique  –

LOS ANGELES, CA, April 4, 2017 – Iron Mountain Incorporated® Entertainment Services, the leading storage and information management company, recently established its Imagineer Award, honoring the accomplishments of key Iron Mountain personnel. Imagineering involves the capacity to think far out of the box and come up with groundbreaking new ideas to address a problem, and the engineering acumen to be able to implement these ideas in a manner that is practical and beneficial to clients and Iron Mountain, which can be measured by criteria including but not limited to quality of results, performance improvement, and cost savings.

Jeff Anthony, Senior Vice President for Iron Mountain Entertainment Services, remarked, “An Imagineer is someone with a substantial track record of implementing creative ideas in practical form, and it is appropriate to champion these individuals within our organization. There is a deep history of innovation and specialized care going into all of the work we do with entertainment clients around the world. There are some standout inventions, processes, and workflows that deserve special attention.”

The inaugural Imagineer Award goes to studio engineer Kelly Pribble, who invented and created a Mold Remediation Technique (MRT) that carefully addresses the restoration of tapes that require extreme mold remediation. Inspiration came from particularly damaged tapes that were requiring two weeks of prep to transfer. With the technique Kelly created, the process was reduced to five hours.

The MRT process is an extensive one. The Mold Remediation Technique consists of a combination of hand-cleaning the physical asset, baking tapes and machine-cleaning. Iron Mountain employs careful steps in handling mold-infected assets, removing all pieces of the tape flanges and hand-cleaning, delicately removing mold dust; they then employ a baking and two-pass pelon hand-clean process removing mold in both directions of the tape path. Using MRT, Iron Mountain has already preserved over 2500 assets with 100% success rate. Before Kelly and Iron Mountain created this MRT workflow, tapes were virtually unplayable and would be lost forever.

Future Imagineer Award recipients will be selected on an annual basis. Imagineers will have the chance to form a special roundtable committee for innovation and R&D, meeting several times per year to discuss future developments.

Photo file 1: IM_Pribble_Imagineer_Photo1.JPG
Photo caption 1: Iron Mountain Entertainment Services studio engineer Kelly Pribble, pictured with his 2016 Imagineer Award.

Photo file 2: IM_Pribble_Imagineer_Photo2.JPG
Photo caption 2: The 2016 Iron Mountain Entertainment Services Imagineer Award, presented to Kelly Pribble.

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Iron Mountain Entertainment Services was established to meet the needs of clients’ archives in film, music, television, academia and entertainment, while providing unmatched security and safety tailored to these market sectors. Through Iron Mountain’s industry-leading services and best practices for security, archival/preservation services and expertise, clients can rest assured that their works will be safe and accessible for future generations. Iron Mountain currently preserves nearly 31 million individual media elements (films, music recording, videos, etc.) for 1600 customers in 11 dedicated facilities around the world, digitizing over one million assets and storing more than 50 petabytes of data..

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