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Landing page of the new Be Part of the Music online Dashboard

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Be Part of the Music™ launches new online Dashboard for music educators

BPOTM Educator Dashboard serves as a personalized portal for all the free services that BPOTM offers.

Site relaunch coincides with BPOTM’s sharing of its annual State of Music Education survey results, which illustrate the strong need for extra resources among music educators nationwide – exactly the type of tools to which BPOTM and its Dashboard portal provide access.

Frederick, MD, Mar. 16, 2023: Be Part of the Music (BPOTM), the music advocacy team of Music & Arts (M&A), has re-launched its website, bepartofthemusic.org, featuring its new online Dashboard web portal for music educators. Founded in 2011, Be Part of the Music provides a wide range of free content (videos, documents, advocacy materials) and “done-for-you” solutions (website builders, automated solutions, pre-built campaigns) for the recruitment and retention of music students. Known and trusted by music educators across the U.S., Be Part of the Music is more than a leading voice in music education; they serve as advocate, counsel, and champion to the 22,000+ music educators and hundreds of thousands of parents who use their content regularly. With the new Educator Dashboard portal, the free services offered by Be Part of the Music will be more accessible than ever before to music educators nationwide.

“This isn’t just a small refresh — we completely redesigned the Be Part of the Music educator platform to give users a personalized, ever-changing dynamic resource feed that makes it easier to build their music program and grow their enrollment,” stated BPOTM founder Scott Lang.

Each customized Educator Dashboard includes:

  • Personalized content based on the type and grade level of the educator’s program
  • Weekly videos from Scott Lang and other guests with inspiration, information and conversations about music education.
  • A revamped step-by-step recruitment plan tailored to the educator’s program
  • Time-saving, customizable templates for music advocacy-related parent emails and social media content
  • Access to national and state data regarding music education
  • Demonstration videos and 46 different pre-written customizable documents in both English and Spanish.
  • Quick and easy access to all your favorite Be Part of the Music resources

Many more features will be added in the coming months.

The launch of the new Educator Dashboard portal coincides with BPOTM sharing the results of its fourth annual State of Music Education survey, a survey of music educators of all levels and program types that is used to understand the current state of the music education profession. The survey results allow Be Part of the Music and educators everywhere to better understand the challenges facing music programs, directors, and their students in several key areas. This year’s results indicate progress in terms of a bounceback after the pandemic. The study indicated that after-effects have stuttered momentum for many music programs and that while learning and enrollment loss exist, they are improving. The BPOTM Educator Dashboard is intended to serve as a go-to resource for educators to address these hurdles with a number of intuitive, useful solutions that will help grow enrollment, improve retention, and build stronger music programs.

To access the new BPOTM Educator Dashboard and to view the full 2022 State of Music Education Survey results, visit https://www.bepartofthemusic.org/dashboard. To learn more about Music & Arts, visit MusicArts.com.


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Photo caption 1: Landing page of the new Be Part of the Music online Dashboard

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Photo caption 2: Be Part of the Music logo

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