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Music & Arts Launches “Music and You” Brand Campaign

The campaign was developed in-house by Music & Arts’ marketing team and features email, activations in trade media outlets, streaming video, targeted online video & static ads, and Spotify audio ads.

Frederick, MD, August 24, 2022: Music & Arts, one of the nation’s largest musical instrument retailers and lesson providers, has launched its “Music and You” brand campaign, featuring print and video content appealing to the parents of young aspiring musicians. The campaign launched August 15th and communicates the message that playing an instrument is the key to a brighter future.

As kids head back to school, many students and their families are making the decision to enter school music programs for the first time, resume their participation in their ensembles or even level up to private lessons. This campaign reinforces the positive role that music education plays in the lives of students.

The campaign was developed in-house by Music & Arts’ marketing team and features email, activations in trade media outlets, streaming video, targeted online video and online static ads and Spotify audio ads.

Video clips and credits:

  • Clip #1: “Music & You”: https://youtu.be/7wyhZfLFd7s (Produced by: Music & Arts; Producer: Ian Scott Pullens; Written by: Christian Clansky; Director: Alex Lewis)
  • Clip #2: “All The Things – Music & Arts (Repair-shop version)”: https://youtu.be/Y6LELtE4f5Q (Produced by: Music & Arts; Written and Directed by: Ian Scott Pullens)
  • Clip #3: “The Best Part About Guitar Lessons”: https://youtu.be/1XdF08-gr7s (Produced by: Music & Arts; Written and Directed by: Ian Scott Pullens; Story and Editing By: Ian Scott Pullens and Owen Rye)

“Our goal with the ‘Music & You’ campaign is to show parents not only the benefits of playing an instrument, but the power musicianship has to change their child’s life,” stated Erin Gang, Music & Arts Marketing Director. “Whether it’s an instrument purchase, rental, one-on-one lessons, or a repair, at Music & Arts, we partner with each aspiring musician, parent and music educator to support them at every stage of their musical journey.”

More about these services:

With a community of nearly 2,000 university-trained, background-checked lesson instructors nationwide, students can find a teacher that suits their unique musical interests and availability.  Lessons are available for every type of instrument, with location-specific instructor profiles online to aid in the selection process. Whether studying in person at a Music & Arts location or online using secure, private lesson links, student safety is a top priority that ensures they'll make progress and have fun in the process.  

Music & Arts offers convenient, flexible rental plans for students of all ages. For each music program, Music & Arts professionals work closely with local educators to create a plan that offers students the right instruments and classroom materials. Free exchanges, returns, and the option to purchase are available at any time, making the rental plan a commitment-free solution.

Music & Arts repair technicians are well-trained professionals who deliver work that is affordable, timely, and unconditionally guaranteed. Whether it's repairing a violin bow, overhauling a flute, repadding a saxophone, soldering a brass instrument or reconditioning an entire tuba, Music & Arts repair technicians can handle any kind of instrument repair or restoration you need.

To learn more about Music & Arts, visit MusicArts.com.


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Photo caption 1: Music & Arts’ “Music & You” brand campaign image #1

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Photo caption 2: Music & Arts’ “Music & You” brand campaign image #2

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Photo caption 3: Music & Arts logo

About Music & Arts:
Celebrating its 70th anniversary this year, Music & Arts is one of the nation’s largest band & orchestra instrument retailers and lessons providers, and is part of the Guitar Center family of brands. Based in Frederick, MD, the company supports the needs of educators, musicians, and parents with more than 250 store locations specializing in instrument sales and rentals, lessons for musicians of all levels, and a nationwide repair network. More than 200 Music & Arts educational representatives provide personalized service to the music educators in their communities, supporting them and their students with in-school service calls, rentals and repairs. Through offering its services, Music & Arts spreads the power of the band & orchestra experience to transform lives, enrich communities and stir the soul.





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