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Tom Schreck

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Nashville Outsider Music Releases The Added Glory EP
from Recording Artist Tom Schreck

— Award-winning songwriter and producer offers five-song EP as a companion piece to his two long-player albums —

NASHVILLE, TN, October 21, 2015 – Nashville Outsider Music announces the release of The Added Glory EP, a new collection of five songs from acclaimed Nashville-based recording artist Tom Schreck. After the carefully constructed, unified sound of the long-players Outsider (2009) and Save Your Glory (2014), the new EP offers a more eccentric, DIY take on Schreck's artistry -- a casual companion piece to those two albums that shifts and expands the artist's creative bullseye in subtle ways.

Check out The Added Glory EP online:
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/the-added-glory-ep/id1046913028
CD Baby: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/tomschreck110
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/saveyourglory/sets/added-glory-ep-2015
Spotify: https://play.spotify.com/album/4yLNhi9VyYAsDSLXP55JRs


Track listing:

1. Hymn ("Highland version," 2015)

The fully orchestrated original version of "Hymn" appeared on Save Your Glory; the "Highland version" is a significant reimagining, stripping the song of its steady rhythm and clearly defined harmonies in favor of free-form minimalist Celtic atmospherics -- an arrangement much closer to the version Schreck has been performing in Nashville at recent live engagements. Schreck performs keyboards, pennywhistle and vocals.

2. C.I.A. (home recording, 2014): 

Schreck has used synthesizers and experimental and electronic sounds in much of his personally-recorded material since his formative teen years, but Outsider and Save Your Glory relied much more on acoustic instruments as a production choice. However, "C.I.A.," written and recorded in early 2014, is an exploration of Schreck's synth and pop fascinations through an obscure, jocular allegory recalling such influences as The Flaming Lips and David Bowie. All instruments and vocals were performed by Schreck.

3. I Don't Think They Understand (from BLDG Vol. 1, 2014): 

Much of Schreck's time over the last six years has been spent at The Building, an art-and-music venue and creative collective in East Nashville's historic Five Points District. The compilation CD BLDG Vol. 1 gathered tracks from 12 of the venue's regular performers, recorded over the course of an intensely focused day in August 2014. Schreck's contribution, the moody "I Don't Think They Understand," is presented again here. Schreck sang and played nylon-string guitar and pennywhistle, and he composed and produced the string parts performed by multi-instrumentalist Maria Kowalski.

4. Just Try Me Out (home recording, 2011)

A chestnut from Schreck's early songwriting experiments, "Just Try Me Out" was composed all the way back in 2002, as a genre exercise in country and rockabilly. The original 2002 studio recording is rough-hewn though eager in performance (i.e. not fit for modern consumption); this 2011 home recording is much more mature and assured, despite the ramshackle nature of the one-man-band. The 17-year-old Tom was hoping Willie Nelson would cut it one day (and he still could). All instruments and vocals were performed by Schreck.

5. I Never Sang for No One but Myself (live 2014-02-24 at BLDG Nashville)

The pored-over orchestration of Outsider and Save Your Glory left little room for Schreck's punk rock, hard rock and indie influences, but his live act “Tom Schreck Escapes” has been an outlet for his brasher tendencies since its debut at The Building in 2010. Notes Schreck, "Tom Schreck Escapes has given me the opportunity to inject some energy and aggression into my material, and it's allowed me to bend the arrangements of some of my songs just up to the breaking point.” This track, the finale of the band's February 24, 2014 performance, is a dramatic reimagining of the award-winning solo folk number "I Never Sang for No One But Myself" from Outsider -- an arrangement arguably much more in line with the song's defiant lyric. With The Building soon closing its doors for good, he wanted to offer this live document as a tribute to his favorite live spot and social scene. Schreck sang and played electric guitar and harmonica; Ben Owens played lead guitar; Cornelius Perry played bass; and Matt Iceman played drums. David Oakleaf, co-proprietor of The Building, gives an announcement at the track's close.

Some versions feature a bonus track six, expanding on the themes from one of the previous numbers.

The cover art was conceived by Schreck's longtime friend and close collaborator TJ Hitt. Jason Hall mixed and/or mastered several numbers, Brad Gibson provided additional mastering and Corey Walthall did design and layout. 

"Since the day I set foot in Nashville, I knew this would be a creative breeding ground for me," states Schreck. "They don't call it 'Music City' for nothing. But early on in my time in the city, I surprised myself by turning away from the well-worn Americana that I thought would be my main artistic pursuit. Frankly put, we only get one time around, as far as we know. Outsider and Save Your Glory got a lot of my ideas out there in concrete form, but I have a lot more that I would have liked to explore on those two LP's, and I have a lot more that I want to explore moving forward. The Added Glory EP is like an alternate-universe reading of some of the ideas from those albums, recasting my pop sensibilities and multi-genre production style in the terms of punk rock and eccentric muse-following – By definition, this EP is a minor work, but it provides a significant missing piece of the blueprint that I drew up for myself with those two long-players. I hope everyone finds something to enjoy on it, and I hope it's a challenging and worthwhile listen."


About Tom Schreck:
Tom Schreck is an independent singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, arranger/composer and producer currently based in Nashville, TN, and originally from Bismarck, ND. His two full-length studio albums, Outsider (2009) and Save Your Glory (2014), as well as his growing catalog of lo-fi solo tapes, The Field Recordings (2009-present), as well as his new EP, showcase an artist with an insatiable creative appetite and a fascination with wide-ranging genres of music, from folk and standard singer-songwriter fare to garage rock, indie, power pop, Celtic, R&B, jazz, classical, croonerism, world music, electronic and much more. His work has earned him finalist honors in the USA Songwriting Competition three consecutive years, as well as features on Lightning 100's Local Lightning Spotlight in 2009 and on the syndicated NPR program On Point with Tom Ashbrook in 2014. His unique singing voice, compositional style and captivating performances have placed him as a distinct and respected creative force in the Nashville community and beyond.


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