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Single cover for “Christmas Just Ain’t Christmas Without You.” Artwork by Dean Tomasek.
Single cover for “Christmas Just Ain’t Christmas Without You.” Artwork by Dean Tomasek.

Tom Schreck
Tom Schreck

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Nashville Outsider Music releases holiday single “Christmas Just Ain’t Christmas Without You” from recording artist Tom Schreck

— Access the single here:

NASHVILLE, TN, December 1, 2021 – Nashville Outsider Music announces the digital release of “Christmas Just Ain’t Christmas Without You,” a new holiday single written and performed by recording artist Tom Schreck. Somber and nostalgic, the song reflects on the longing for the company of loved ones at the holidays — particularly relevant during the era of COVID protocols and social distance.

The single is now available across the major streaming platforms, including Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music and others. Access the single here:

Schreck composed the song all the way back in 2007, during his first few months in Nashville, but he didn’t take the opportunity to formally record the song until this year. “After all these years, I felt the time was right to record this song the way it was meant to be recorded,” remarks Schreck. He worked with several longtime collaborators to capture a carefully constructed arrangement, which includes a mini orchestra.

On the song’s emotional core, Schreck states, “The holidays are a time of joy, but there’s another side to that coin. I think most of us can identify with the feeling of missing somebody at Christmas, whether it’s a former partner or departed loved ones. And of course, nothing can match the profound memories from the Christmases of our childhood, so trying to capture that same joy can be a tough task. So here’s this sad Christmas song, and I hope it can provide some comfort if you need it."

“Christmas Just Ain’t Christmas Without You”
Written and composed by Tom Schreck
© Dan and Jane’s Music (BMI)
Recording © 2021 Nashville Outsider Music
Produced by Tom Schreck

Performance credits:
Tom Schreck: Lead vocal, acoustic guitar, 12-string guitar, ukulele, bass guitar, wurlitzer piano, pennywhistle, chromatic harmonica, bass melodica, percussion, synthesizer, string arrangement
Kiely Connell: Harmony vocal
Reed Pittman: Piano
Emily Nelson Rodgers: Cellos
Esther McMahon Sanders: Violins
Chris Lowry: Violas
David Rodgers: String tracking
Jason Hall: Pre-production tracking, mixing/mastering
Dean Tomasek: cover art

About Tom Schreck:
Tom Schreck is an independent musical artist currently based in Nashville, TN, and originally from Bismarck, ND. His recorded projects Outsider (2009), Save Your Glory (2014), The Added Glory EP (2015), #Schrexit (2020), and Mixed Shapes (Cover Songs) (2020), showcase an artist with an insatiable creative appetite and a fascination with wide-ranging genres of music, from folk and standard singer-songwriter fare to garage rock, indie, power pop, electronic, Celtic, R&B, jazz, classical, croonerism, world music, and much more. His work has earned him finalist honors in the USA Songwriting Competition three consecutive years, as well as features on Nashville radio station Lightning 100's Local Lightning Spotlight and on the syndicated NPR program On Point. His unique singing voice, compositional style and captivating performances have placed him as a distinct and respected creative force in the Nashville community and beyond. Visit Tom online at


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Photo Caption 1: Single cover for “Christmas Just Ain’t Christmas Without You.” Artwork by Dean Tomasek.

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Photo Caption 2: Tom Schreck

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