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Album cover for #Schrexit. Artwork by Dean Tomasek.

Tom Schreck

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Nashville Outsider Music releases #Schrexit, the new album from Tom Schreck

— New digital LP follows Schreck’s 2014 release Save Your Glory and 2009’s Outsider

— Access the album here: http://smarturl.it/schrexit

NASHVILLE, TN, May 6, 2020 – Nashville Outsider Music announces the digital release of #Schrexit, the new studio album from singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer/arranger Tom Schreck. The album features eight tracks and showcases Schreck’s evolution as a producer on compositions spanning dense power pop, electronic textures and funky percussion grooves. The lyrics are often allegorical and topical, reflecting the chaos, alienation, disillusion, violence and hope of our modern era. 

Access the album here: http://smarturl.it/schrexit

Longtime followers may be surprised by the more prominent use of synthesizers and programmed beats on the album, as well as two tracks created around samples of pre-existing material as the basis for reinterpretation. Schreck remarks, “Most of my musical idols found their way to the production of electronic music at some point – both in terms of sonic experimentation and the dance floor – and it’s a realm that’s been familiar to me for a long time, going back to some of my earliest basement demos. Many of these new recordings emerged with an electronic flair, and it felt important to capture that essence. The style here, to me, feels vital and current and reflects my feelings on the state of the world. There is an irony that today’s electronic pop music (which is naturally communal and celebratory, with arms outstretched) often begins life with a single creator working alone late at night, staring at a screen. I think that paradox is rich with symbolism, and that’s something I hope comes across here. On the other hand, some of the tracks are more conventional and organic songwriter material, so I think there is something for everyone on this set.”

Schreck worked with many of his longtime collaborators on the project: lead guitarist Ben Owens, drummer Matt Iceman, bassist Cornelius Perry, cellist Emily Nelson, keyboardist Reed Pittman and multi-instrumentalist Rory Hoffman, all of whom contributed to Schreck’s previous full-length records, Outsider (2009) and Save Your Glory (2014). Jason Hall – the mix/mastering engineer here – served as production consultant on those earlier records and had a direct hand in mixing and mastering Schreck’s The Added Glory EP in 2015. Other collaborators include Lindsay Ellyn, who contributed background vocals, and Connor Rand, who co-wrote the acoustic ballad “World Without War" and assisted with pre-production on several others. 

Track list [all written & composed by Schreck, except where noted]:

1. Beef Supreme
2. Der Februar [instrumental]
3. Cobalt Blue
4. World Without War [Rand/Schreck]
5. T.H.C. [instrumental] [Dylan/Schreck] [samples Bob Dylan’s “Things Have Changed”]
6. The Chase
7. Save It for a Rainy Day
8. Imagine Me [McDowell/Patler/Schreck] [samples “Cuttin’ It Up” by L.T.D.]

Tom Schreck: Lead, harmony and background vocals, sampling, drum programming, MIDI programming, acoustic guitar, nylon-string guitar, electric guitar, 12-string guitar, electric bass, piano, electric piano, synthesizers, glockenspiel, harmonica, melodica, bass melodica, ukulele, percussion


Lindsay Ellyn: Harmony & background vocals on “Cobalt Blue”
Jason Hall: Tracking, mixing & mastering engineering, background vocal on “Cobalt Blue”
Rory Hoffman: Bass clarinet and guzheng on “The Chase”
Matt Iceman: Drums & percussion, pre-production engineering
Emily Nelson: Cellos
Ben Owens: Lead guitar
Cornelius Perry: Electric bass on “Save It for a Rainy Day” and “The Chase”
Reed Pittman: Electric piano and synthesizer on “The Chase"
Connor Rand: Co-writer of “World Without War”, pre-production engineering
Dean Tomasek: Cover art

About Tom Schreck:
Tom Schreck is an independent musical artist currently based in Nashville, TN, and originally from Bismarck, ND. His three full-length studio albums, Outsider (2009), Save Your Glory (2014), and #Schrexit (2020), alongside his EP Added Glory (2015), showcase an artist with an insatiable creative appetite and a fascination with wide-ranging genres of music, from folk and standard singer-songwriter fare to garage rock, indie, power pop, electronic, Celtic, R&B, jazz, classical, croonerism, world music, and much more. His work has earned him finalist honors in the USA Songwriting Competition three consecutive years, as well as features on Nashville radio station Lightning 100's Local Lightning Spotlight and on the syndicated NPR program On Point in 2014. His unique singing voice, compositional style and captivating performances have placed him as a distinct and respected creative force in the Nashville community and beyond. Visit Tom online at www.nashvilleoutsider.com.


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Photo Caption 1: Album cover for #Schrexit. Artwork by Dean Tomasek.

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Photo Caption 2: Tom Schreck

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