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Roland VP-42H Video Processor

Roland VP-42H Video Processor rear panel

Roland VP-42H in use supporting a presentation


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Roland Pro A/V Introduces Its VP-42H Video Processor

— The Roland VP-42H offers sophisticated, dynamic single-screen display of layered, multi-source video —

NAB Show New York, October 17, 2018 — Roland Professional A/V (booth N350) recently announced the introduction of its VP-42H Video Processor, a simple-to-set-up and easy-to-use compact device that allows sophisticated multi-source layering and switching with dynamic transitions for effective and engaging single-screen display of presentations, digital signage content and meeting visuals. The VP-42H supports simultaneous output of up to four layered source signals even when resolutions vary between its four HDMI inputs. The processor features Motion Scene Switching for fluid transitions between complex screen setups, remote switching via browser-based network control, audio management including de-embedding and embedding and a keyer function for overlays and advanced composition.

In venues where it’s not practical or affordable to support multiple displays that simultaneously show varying IMAG or presentation images, the VP-42H allows a single large display to serve a range of functions with multiple inset windows and eye-catching displays. Traditionally, layering and switching multiple sources within a single display is complicated and expensive, requiring highly skilled operators to manage the complexity. Offering far more capability than a typical switcher, the Roland VP-42H Video Processor lets end users instantly switch between “scenes” containing pre-set arrangements of layered sources in customizable inset windows. The VP-42H smoothly transitions between current and next scenes by automatically moving and resizing the windows to their new positions with motion-based scene switching for a stunning visual impact; highly impressive scene changes that used to take hours to program now happen at the touch of a button.

By accessing a networked VP-42H’s fast and convenient web browser interface, each input layer can be scaled, cropped, zoomed and positioned by simply clicking and dragging on a connected computer, wireless tablet or smart phone. Scene selection and core switching functions can also be implemented in a familiar fashion by way of configurable front-panel switches that illuminate to indicate available and selected sources. The front panel can also be locked to prevent tampering. A rear-panel port allows RS-232 control, network control and a USB port is available for loading still images and software updates.

The VP-42H can accommodate a wide variety of applications. Where LED walls and projection are used for large-scale presentations at corporate events, the VP-42H can output a customized and visually dynamic display of various presentation data sources with high clarity and accurate color (due to its 10bit 4:4:4 color space video processing engine). Engaging digital signage displays can be created with multiple content layers, overlays and motion-based transitions; the VP-42H can also be configured for automatic, front-panel-configurable interval scene switching. In the modern meeting room, the VP-42H can improve communication and the delivery of information during video conferencing and meeting presentations through effective and sophisticated windowing of key information and participant images.

In video production, the VP-42H can serve as a highly flexible multi-view source, offering not just a quad display but also custom sizing of each source window. The processor’s scene capability can be used to preconfigure a variety of instantly accessible multi-view configurations. When used in simple scenarios, the VP-42H can function as a true cross-dissolve seamless switcher, with a keyer to create overlays and the ability to display still images via USB drive – perfect for logos and safety slides.

The VP-42H’s internal audio mixer allows de-embedding of HDMI audio and the input of external audio sources via a pair of RCA phono jacks. Level balanced audio can be embedded in the HDMI output stream and also can be output to external mixers or speakers via a second pair of RCA jacks. Front panel controls with associated level indications allow adjustment of external line input, line output and master audio levels, as well as headphone output level.

The compact VP-42H weighs just 2 lbs 11 oz (1.2 kg) and measures 9 9/16 inches (W) x 1 3/4 inches (H) x 4 15/16 inches (D) (242 mm x 125 mm x 44 mm). It can be used freestanding or can be rack-mounted by way of included adaptor hardware. The Roland Professional A/V VP-42H Video Processor will be available in Q4 of 2018 at a price of $1,595.00.

To learn more, please visit http://proav.roland.com.


Photo file 1: VP-42H_top_front.jpg
Photo caption 1: Roland VP-42H Video Processor

Photo file 2: VP-42H_rear.jpg
Photo caption 2: Roland VP-42H Video Processor rear panel

Photo file 3: VP-42H_Stage.jpg
Photo caption 3: Roland VP-42H in use supporting a presentation

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