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Leslie Fultz of Valere Studios, pictured operating the Roland VR-4HD HD AV Mixer as part of his shooting/editing setup at a shoot for a local retailer.


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Valere Studios Builds an Entirely New Business – and Business Model – Around the Roland VR-4HD HD AV Mixer

Cincinnati-based Valere Studios creates and produces live-streamed content for Facebook Live, bringing a completely new approach to marketing for a wide and growing array of clients, and the Roland VR-4HD HD AV Mixer was the key to building that new business model

Los Angeles, CA, August 10, 2017 — As Facebook Live allows the world’s leading social-media site to evolve into a more deeply connected marketing platform for brands, the way that content is developed and produced for that live-streaming capability must evolve as well. That’s going to take new tools, and Valere Studios, a new creative company based in Cincinnati, has found the tool it needs: the Roland VR-4HD HD AV Mixer, which has become a cornerstone of the facility’s technical and creative endeavors. Valere Studios Founder Leslie Fultz came into the nascent live-streaming content development business like many in new media – from a completely different profession. Until two years ago, he was running a successful commercial cleaning business, of which he was not only the owner but also the company’s main marketer and social-media expert. He discovered he enjoyed the social media aspect so much that he started Valere Studios last year in a 700-square-foot space. His first two live-streamed productions – Music Live and More with Les, which promotes Valere Studio’s capabilities – were so successful that he moved Valere Studios into a new space more than twice as large, as studio and remote productions rapidly increased.

The cornerstone of Fultz’s new venture is the Roland VR-4HD HD AV Mixer, which provides Valere Studios with virtually everything needed, in a single and affordable unit, to create broadcast-quality live-streamed audio and video productions. “The Roland VR-4HD has made me into the kind of content creator and producer you need to be for live-streamed marketing,” he explains. “Two years ago, I had never run a camera; now, we’re doing minimum three-camera shoots for our productions, and the Roland VR-4HD is the hub for all of that production. It’s not just part of the production process – it’s been part of my entire entrepreneurial process. We’re excited about helping people and organizations broadcast their message on social media at a professional level. Using the VR-4HD, multi-camera switching, high-quality sound, and graphics can be introduced into a Facebook Live stream, or on a YouTube channel or website, with the VR-4HD providing a true turnkey broadcasting solution.”

Fultz first became acquainted with the VR-4HD merely a matter of months ago: “I discovered the Roland VR-4HD by watching a video from this year’s CES convention in January. I was immediately struck by its capability – a lot of punch in a small package. I was looking at products from other manufacturers, and they cost three times the amount to get the same types of functions, and the VR-4HD still had more options for inputs, outputs and built-in sound.”

The VR-4HD is also highly compact and portable, allowing Fultz to also bring it on remote productions, where he’s been able to, for instance, turn a residential kitchen into a fully-fledged television foodie show. The VR-4HD is now the company’s sole audio mixer and video switcher for all of its work. “People are shocked at the level of quality we’re getting from such a small, portable unit,” he says. “I am definitely planning on purchasing a second VR-4HD so that we have one for the studio and one for remote productions. The ease of use and versatility of the unit are incredible.” Fultz notes that for a recent benefit event he was asked to live-stream, he arrived 20 minutes before it began. In that 20 minutes, he had a wireless camera, a tripod and the VR-4HD set up and connected to a laptop. The event streamed on Facebook Live the moment it started in the event venue. “The VR-4HD gives us turnkey operation, precise video switching and superior sound and mixing, at a fraction of the price so-called professional equipment would cost. That lets me create broadcast-quality productions for an entirely new market, aimed at Facebook Live, that never would been able to access that level of production. I’m literally building a new business around it.”

The VR-4HD is a complete HD studio in a compact and portable package that replaces several different pieces of complex A/ V equipment. Designed with single-person operation in mind, the VR-4HD enables easy switching and mixing of sound and video using advanced video and audio Digital Signal Processing (DSP) along with dedicated hardware controls faders, buttons and touch screen interface. It beautifully integrates a digital audio mixer, video switcher, multi-viewer touch screen and USB video/audio streaming interface into a stand-alone device. This portable live HD production solution is ideal for schools, churches, council meetings, corporate events, sports, training sessions, or any other live event.

To learn more, please visit http://proav.roland.com/.   


Photo file: LesFultz_VR4HD.JPG
Photo caption: Leslie Fultz of Valere Studios, pictured operating the Roland VR-4HD HD AV Mixer as part of his shooting/editing setup at a shoot for a local retailer.

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