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Beautiful Door


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From the fourth solo album by Billy Bob Thornton Musician/Songwriter

by Robert Clyne, Clyne Media Inc.

— Songwriter and musician Billy Bob Thornton’s latest work, BEAUTIFUL DOOR (set for release on July 24th on New Door Records/UMe), proves to be his most introspective and prolific to date. A collection of twelve tracks, BEAUTIFUL DOOR, is a lyrical, sonic story about life and death, beginnings and ends. BEAUTIFUL DOOR is a blend of roots rock, country, and folk, the musical genres Billy Bob Thornton has always loved most.

All quotes are from singer-songwriter-musician-producer, Billy Bob Thornton

Track 1. “It’s Just Me” — “I don’t think I’ve ever heard a song written from quite from this point of view. ‘It’s Just Me’ is about a warm spirit who is singing to their lover after they have committed suicide, and that they are now living inside their lovers soul. They are saying I took my own life, but don’t be scared. Now I’m just where I always should have been all the time — with you, as one.” Billy Bob Thornton, BEAUTIFUL DOOR (New Door Records/UMe)

Track 2. “Restin’ Your Soul” — “’Restin’ Your Soul’” is the other point of view of ‘It’s Just Me.’ It’s a song told from the perspective of the person who is left behind after a suicide who says, I don’t blame you for wanting to go, and I know you were miserable, but if you only knew what it did to the people you left behind maybe you wouldn’t have done it.” Billy Bob Thornton, BEAUTIFUL DOOR (New Door Records/UMe)

Track 3. “In The Day” — “’In The Day’ is a song about my frustration regarding how the world has changed and how main street has been lost. It’s about a time when kids were growing up with innocent hopes and dreams, but they also knew the world needed changing. It talks about how even back in the day, the world needed changing, but I still think those days were more innocent and full of hopes and dreams. It’s really about how the outskirts have taken over and main street is now lost.” Billy Bob Thornton, BEAUTIFUL DOOR (New Door Records/UMe)

Track 4. “Beautiful Door” — “’Beautiful Door’ is also the title track of the album, a song I wrote as a commentary about how war, religion and politics are so blurred together today and how innocent people are ultimately the ones who end up suffering because of someone’s fanatical beliefs. The lyrics express that I know you think there’s some golden palace in the sky and because of your thinking, you are willing to kill to get there — but the rest of us do not see that Beautiful Door! It’s a very powerful song with a timely message.” Billy Bob Thornton, BEAUTIFUL DOOR (New Door Records/UMe)

Track 5. “I Gotta Grow Up” — “’I Gotta Grow Up’” is a song about a guy who bounces from one woman to the next, and all of the experiences that surround his life at the time. I find quite a bit of humor in this song. One day he looks at where he’s at and say’s ‘I gotta grow up, I gotta go to work, even if it hurts, I gotta grow up.’” Billy Bob Thornton, BEAUTIFUL DOOR (New Door Records/UMe)

Track 6. “Hearts Like Mine” — “’Hearts Like Mine’ is about a man with a wonderful heart who happens to be an invalid, watching, observing the things he wishes he could have had — but realizing that he will never get what he wants. He looks at all the ‘bad’ people in the world and sees all the good things they receive…he is like a voyeur in a way… and he sings, And hearts like mine, love girls like you/hearts like mine, love girls like you…” Billy Bob Thornton, BEAUTIFUL DOOR (New Door Records/UMe)

Track 7. “Carnival Girl” — “If I had to sum up ‘Carnival Girl’ in one sentence, it would be you can’t judge a book by its cover. So don’t assume if you meet a girl and she seems to be in a seedy kind of world — you really don’t know the circumstances that got her there. And in her soul, she may not be what you think or what she appears to be or… I Ain’t No Carnival Girl. It’s the most ‘country’ song on the record written in the style of taking a serious subject and making the listener laugh at the same time…” Billy Bob Thornton, BEAUTIFUL DOOR (New Door Records/UMe)

Track 8. “Always Countin” — “I have this obsessive-compulsive disorder, and this is really just a song for all the people out there who have that particular affliction and neurosis. It’s no matter where you go and what you do, you can’t escape this counting thing or however your affliction manifests itself — it’s in your head 24/7. I wrote it in kind of a humorous way and I played this really deep floor tom that acts as the timekeeper and the entire bottom-end of the song.” Billy Bob Thornton, BEAUTIFUL DOOR (New Door Records/UMe)

Track 9. “Pretty People” — “A song about frustration with the media and how they latch on to stories and events that are about famous or rich people, upper middle class white people or simply just the pretty, beautiful people. It’s like for the media, the prettier the people are or the bigger the bank account, the more news and coverage that story gets. But the real stories, like about the individuals in New Orleans during and after the floods from Hurricane Katrina, you’ll never really hear about those stories. The media doesn’t care about the individual in that case, they only care about the story as a big tragedy.” Billy Bob Thornton, BEAUTIFUL DOOR (New Door Records/UMe)

Track 10. “I Can Tell You” — “A song about a war veteran who’s met a girl in a bar. He’s just about to tell her about himself, the war and what he’s thinking — but realizes he doesn’t know if she really wants or even needs to know this information because it might affect their possible relationship and her for the rest of her life. So instead he says maybe we should just lighten things up a little and not get this heavy and just hang out — unless of course you’re ready? One of the really interesting things on this track is you have this simple song with a heavy message, and the chorus almost sounds like if the Beatles had been hillbillies!” Billy Bob Thornton, BEAUTIFUL DOOR (New Door Records/UMe)

Track 11. “Hope For Glory” — “’Hope For Glory’ is the most political song on the album — with a chorus that is an anthem. The song talks about how as Americans, we are extremely patriotic, and we really want to support the ideals that this country was founded upon, but we can’t support the America that is being projected to the world right now by our government. In other words, we’re not willing to trade our hope for a better world for this thing the government is calling ‘patriotism.’ We’re not that stupid, but we’re also not anti-Americans. We are patriots and we want to wave the flag, but under the current regime, we can’t support it.” Billy Bob Thornton, BEAUTIFUL DOOR (New Door Records/UMe)

Track 12. “The Boy Is Gone” — “I always wanted to write a song about a couple who experienced a tragedy with a don’t kill the messenger undertone. ‘The Boy Is Gone’ is a song about not being able to look each other in the eye after there has been a tragedy between two people, even though it was not their fault. In this case, a couple loses a son, and even though they still love each other and would like to be together, they can’t even look each other in the face. And in a way, they almost blame each other for the loss even though neither one of them had anything to do with it. In my own life I have experienced personal loss and still, to this day, and somehow unfairly, I still have negative feelings about the person who told me the bad news. So ‘The Boy Is Gone’ really has two meanings. The title means obviously the son is gone/the boy is gone. But it also means that the boy inside this man is gone — his innocence is gone and it is never going to come back because of this event…” Billy Bob Thornton, BEAUTIFUL DOOR (New Door Records/UMe)

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