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Kirsten Arian performs at EVAmore’s recent gala event on the rooftop of Nashville’s Holston House hotel with the F1 loudspeaker with F1 subwoofer from Bose Professional.

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EVAmore Promotes Its Brand and Flagship Artists at Nashville Event with Bose Professional F1 Portable Loudspeaker

Music promotion portal EVAmore makes a big splash at a recent Nashville event, and a Bose Professional F1 loudspeaker with F1 subwoofer sound system assures a great show even when last-minute changes arise

Framingham, MA, November 15, 2018 – Online music-search-and-booking platform EVAmore is a site that creates an online connection between performing musicians and those who need their services; analogized by some as “Airbnb for music,” EVAmore has assembled a large and growing array of music artists who are categorized by a number of critical filters. And when the company needed to pair its diverse array of music artists with a live sound system for a recent marketing event held on the rooftop of Nashville’s Holston House hotel, they turned to the F1 loudspeaker with F1 subwoofer from Bose Professional to provide consistently great sound.

“We started EVAmore because, as students at Belmont University, we could see that there was so much talent out there but no easy way to find it for those who wanted to book entertainment,” explains Channing Moreland, who co-founded EVAmore with fellow student Makenzie Stokel. “So we created EVAmore as a streamlined solution for booking first-class entertainment for events.” Using EVAmore, event hosts can create free listings, including time, location, budget and requested genres of music. Once created, the event gets pushed out to artists on the platform who meet the specified criteria, creating an open line of communication for musicians who are interested. All messaging and payment is handled through the EVAmore platform, which works with musicians to take care of production and logistical issues.

At the recent gala event in Nashville over the summer, a pair of Bose F1 loudspeakers with matching subwoofers were set up and ready to go to showcase some of EVAmore’s flagship artists. “We’ve used the F1 for shows before, and it was always a great experience, both for the sound and working with Bose personnel,” says Moreland. “A lot of event planners think that once they’ve hired the music, everything else just falls into place. But a mediocre sound system can undermine even the best musicians. We are never let down by the F1.”

Still, EVAmore’s evening started on an anxious note: the sound mixer the company had hired to mix the evening’s performances canceled at the last minute. Moreland and Stokel quickly called upon Conor Kelly, the guitarist in EVAmore-affiliated act Waker, to see if he could fill in on very short notice. “Waker tours roughly 100 shows a year, and I have virtually no experience running sound for a live show,” he says. “I was pretty skeptical that I could even do this, but as I looked over the F1 portable PA, I quickly realized how intuitively it’s laid out. I didn’t even ask to see an instruction manual — it was totally clear how to set it up and use it. It was very simple to quickly get a good mix together, which is important when you have a number of artists on one show that you’re not familiar with. And there was never an issue with feedback, so I was able to focus one hundred percent on the mix.”

Kelly says the outcome could have been very different with another system. “This was a significant industry event — I saw the president of a major label and a former U.S. senator there. There was a lot at stake,” he says. “And I had artists using everything from simple acoustic guitars to running tracks using MIDI. But the F1 was amazing, and the EQ selector presets on the mixing panels made getting a great mix even easier. It was flawless for every performance.”

Kirsten Arian, one of the artists who performed at the EVAmore event that night, says the Bose F1 portable PA with subwoofer was a welcome sign for an artist stepping onto an unfamiliar stage for the first time. “It just sounded and felt so amazing, it made it so comfortable to be on the stage,” she says. “There were two of us – me on vocals and a guitarist – and we used tracks, and everything was plugged in and connected and we were ready to go in less than three minutes. We could feel from the stage that the audience liked the way it sounded, and that boosts your confidence in your self and your show. The sound system really made that much of a difference!”

Moreland says Bose will be part of EVAmore’s efforts whenever possible. “We feel more like a partner with them than a customer,” she says. “We’re all together when it comes to recognizing that great music also needs a great sound system to be heard.”

For more information, visit pro.bose.com.

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Photo caption: Kirsten Arian performs at EVAmore’s recent gala event on the rooftop of Nashville’s Holston House hotel with the F1 loudspeaker with F1 subwoofer from Bose Professional.

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