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DJ/producer Alex Midi, performing with Bose Portable loudspeaker systems

DJ/producer Alex Midi, performing with Bose Portable loudspeaker systems

DJ/producer Alex Midi

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DJ and Producer Alex Midi Finds His Ideal Sound with Bose Portable Systems

Framingham, MA, November 19, 2019 – With a successful music career spanning over 20 years, the renowned Mexican musician, DJ and producer Alex Midi is known for his proficiency in, and meticulous attention to, the tools of his trade, from synthesizers, real and virtual instruments, turntables and mixers, to headphones, studio monitors and loudspeakers for live performances. His knowledge came from curiosity and from a yearning to find out where sound comes from; it has allowed him to explore several professional paths within the music industry, and it’s also the reason he feels just as comfortable in the recording studio as on the stage.

A little over a year ago, Alex Midi first tried the Bose S1 Pro and F1 Model 812 portable loudspeaker systems while he was doing a DJ set. “When they brought in the pair of F1 Model 812s to the venue, I thought they wouldn’t have enough coverage or power. I was seriously about to request a couple more, but one of the event’s producers convinced me to try them out first. And by the end of soundcheck I was convinced,” says Alex Midi. “The F1 Model 812 sounded way better and more powerful than I ever expected. That night, music was the true star, and it has remained that way for many other shows.”

He has been using the F1 Model 812 systems ever since, for all kind of performances, from shows in nightclubs to masterclasses or demo sessions at electronic music conferences. Additionally, Alex Midi takes advantage of the Bluetooth connectivity of the S1 Pro to use it as the main loudspeaker whenever he holds a small party to show friends his newest tracks. He also sets up the S1 Pro’s as monitors when he performs as DJ: “I have added the S1 Pro to my rider when I play a DJ set,” he notes. “I like how compact they are. They’re very portable, so you can take them as your carry-on luggage when traveling by plane.”

Due to his years of work in the recording studio, and after being constantly surrounded by software and gear, Alex considers himself an “audio scientist.” “When composing electronic music, you’re constantly searching for sounds, editing, EQ-ing. You need an educated yet creative ear to really find your own sound,” he explains, while in the background his latest hit is playing, it’s a new version of the classic track “Big in Japan”, by Alphaville, Alex produced this tune along with singer Delacey.

Thanks to his experience, both on the stage and the recording studio, Alex can tell a system’s quality very easily, and so he highlights the performance of Bose portable systems. “A loudspeaker’s quality is really important. Its components and design will make you feel the sound; you need them to bring life to the sounds you just created in the studio. The loudspeaker allows you to perceive that energy, and that is exactly what the audience is expecting to hear: that same energy,” Alex says.

For more information, visit https://professional.bose.com/s1 and https://professional.bose.com/f1.

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Photo caption 1: DJ/producer Alex Midi, performing with Bose Portable loudspeaker systems

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Photo caption 2: DJ/producer Alex Midi, performing with Bose Portable loudspeaker systems

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Photo caption 3: DJ/producer Alex Midi

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