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DJ Precisa, pictured with a Bose S1 Pro system

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Working DJs Employ Bose Portable Systems

DJ Funsize and DJ Precisa bring a high-end dance experience to any event with the Bose S1 Pro’s go-anywhere portability, the F1 Model 812’s ease of use and high reliability, and the F1 Sub’s punchy low end

FRAMINGHAM, MA, Oct. 31, 2019 – Across the nation, working musicians of all stripes are turning to the powerful options offered by Bose for performances both massive and small, in a range of venues and settings. This is especially true in the world of DJs and EDM, where performers need scalability and portability, yet still need powerful audio to keep the dance floors full. Two loyal Bose Portable users, DJ Funsize and DJ Precisa, show how F1 and S1 systems keep the music playing from New Jersey to Chile and beyond.

DJ Funsize:
EDM producer and DJ Stefano Gaetano has built a thriving career under his moniker DJ Funsize. His high-energy and fresh sounds have taken him from his Jersey Shore origins to charting records, touring internationally, and exposure via radio and streaming. But DJ Funsize, who built his skills mixing at campus house parties and earned the reputation of the top DJ at New Jersey’s Kean University before moving onto the NY/NJ metro area, MTV Spring Break, and beyond, is still up for a Jersey beach party. No matter where he works, he always has his Bose gear: the F1 system (Model 812 and Subwoofer), and an S1 Pro speaker system. He notes, “I had been working with the Bose L1 Model II speakers, but when the F1 Model 812 came out a few years ago, man, it was game changer! It was the same clear Bose sound but on a much bigger scale. You could fill a big room with it.” DJ Funsize says the F1 Subwoofer provides the kind of thump that you used to have to lug around a much larger speaker for. “It’s like having a stadium speaker with you, even at the happy-hour beach party we just did in Asbury Park,” he says. “The pulse is huge.” Meanwhile, the F1 loudspeaker is reliable enough to take to the beach without missing a beat. “And the S1 is amazing,” he says. “If I’m working a smaller room I can use it as a main speaker, but if it’s a big venue, it’s in the booth with me as a monitor speaker.”

DJ Precisa:
In her home country of Chile, DJ Precisa (aka Maria Cecilia Weinkauf) was the resident DJ at the Santiago Marriott, where she also curated a variety of events for the Marriott Resort, while also fitting in gigs in Barcelona and Switzerland. Now based out of Savannah, Georgia, where she holds down five resident DJ club spots, DJ Precisa prefers vinyl turntables but is just as at home with CD decks and digital mixers. But for DJ Precisa, her Bose gear never varies. That’s because, she says, not only do the F1 Model 812, the F1 Subwoofer, and an S1 Pro speaker system sound fantastic, but they also look great, something that she’s fastidious about. “The Bose F1 and F1 Sub sound absolutely amazing, but I’m just as happy with the way they look!” she exclaims. “The F1 has it all over the system I used to use — the F1 is directional, so I can aim it exactly where I want it when I’m doing a gig in a different kind of venue, like on a boat. If I’m on an upper deck, I can make sure that everyone on every level gets all the sound. But I love that the way the F1 is designed — you can’t see the cables, there’s no clutter — so it looks as amazing as it sounds.” DJ Precisa also calls out the S1 Pro as an especially critical piece of equipment for her. “The S1 is on a whole other level!” she says. “It’s small and portable but it sounds big. And it’s rechargeable, so I can use it anywhere. For instance, I’ll use it outdoors for the music during a wedding ceremony, and for the microphones for the spoken toasts and speeches. Then, it’s got plenty of power for the dancing later. Looks great, sounds great. That’s Bose!”

For more information, visit https://professional.bose.com/f1 and https://professional.bose.com/s1.

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Photo caption 1: DJ Precisa, pictured with a Bose S1 Pro system

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