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DJ CherishTheLuv, pictured with her Bose S1 Pro multi-position PA system and Bose headphones.

DJ CherishTheLuv, pictured with her Bose S1 Pro multi-position PA system and Bose headphones.

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Bose Portable Systems Let DJ CherishTheLuv Spread Her Message Everywhere

DJ CherishTheLuv takes her Bose portable systems everywhere from Rikers Island and Central American orphanages to high-end weddings and events

Framingham, MA, May 13, 2019 – DJ CherishTheLuv, also known as Cynthia Malaran, is known as a “music missionary,” as her work spans from from standard DJ gigs to humanitarian work across the globe. Like most DJs, many of her appearances are for weddings and live event gigs, even for celebrities like Bono, Amy Schumer, Oprah Winfrey and others, alongside institutional and corporate gigs for Viacom, Project1Voice and more, as well as for Nile Rodgers’ non-profit We Are Family Foundation, for which she is the resident DJ. But Malaran’s true passion lies in giving back: she regularly brings her talents and passions to people in need, like to the incarcerated at New York City’s notorious Rikers Island jail, and to teenage girls at an orphanage in Ecuador and the Willie Mae Rock Camp, and to terminally-ill patients in hospice. “Anywhere that music can help and heal and make people happier, I’ll go,” she says.

What helps get DJ CherishTheLuv to all of those places are portable and mobile sound systems and accessories from Bose. They include a Bose S1 Pro multi-position PA system – an all-in-one PA, floor monitor and amplifier that she uses for small events and shows (including performances at Rikers, where the guards know her well enough to allow her to bring in cables that would otherwise be considered contraband); an L1 Compact portable line array system mid-sized gigs; and an L1 Model II to fill spaces for over 500 people. And her gigs as resident DJ for the We Are Family Foundation double as a chance for her to act as Bose brand ambassador to leaders around the globe.

DJ CherishTheLuv first experienced Bose products two years ago, and they’ve been an integral part of her sound and her business ever since. “I’ve found that when I mention the Bose name, people respond, because they know Bose means quality sound,” she says. “That’s not just a phenomenon you find for high-end weddings; when I do shows at homeless shelters, like the one I visit on Avenue D in the Flatlands section of Brooklyn, in a place like that the name Bose means that someone cares to bring quality to the sound. It’s especially meaningful to them.” And once people hear Bose, that quality gets recognized in very visceral ways. “I was doing a wedding reception that started at 9 p.m. and when it ended six hours later, the same people were still hanging out near the L1 speakers, listening and dancing. The Bose sound is what sells it, and Bose portability — how they can let me get that sound to so many different kinds of places — is what has let me build my business.”

For more information, visit https://professional.bose.com/s1 and https://professional.bose.com/l1

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Photo caption 1: DJ CherishTheLuv, pictured with her Bose S1 Pro multi-position PA system and Bose headphones.

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Photo caption 2: DJ CherishTheLuv, pictured with her Bose S1 Pro multi-position PA system and Bose headphones.

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