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Tampa’s Journey Christian Church, which looked to Guitar Center Professional for audio, projection video, acoustical treatment and lighting, as well as extensive consultation and service, for the church’s new worship space.


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— GC Pro customers will be able to directly access pre-approved Affiliate providers in the fields of architectural acoustics, acoustical design, systems integration and independent technical services, via GC Pro’s enhanced website —

— GC Pro Affiliates are all acknowledged specialists in their fields, allowing GC Pro customers to tap into exactly the expertise they need, or use the GC Pro Installation service to coordinate a turnkey approach to creating a custom A/V space —

WESTLAKE VILLAGE, CA, November 25, 2009Guitar Center Professional (GC Pro), the outside sales division of Guitar Center that focuses on the needs of professional users, announces that the GC Pro Installation initiative has been expanded, the results of which can be viewed via the “Installations” link at the GC Pro website, www.GCPro.com. By clicking on that tab, GC Pro customers will be able to have access to a growing number of award-winning companies and individuals who specialize in key areas of professional audio systems design, integration and installation. Four key areas – Architectural Acoustics, Acoustical Design, Systems Integration and Independent Technical Services – have been highlighted within the GC Pro Installation section of the website, allowing visitors to connect directly to an initial nine acclaimed specialists in these fields. With the addition of the Guitar Center Professional Installations affiliates, GC Pro customers now have access to not only the finest gear at competitive prices, but also a complete turnkey solution for design, installation and commissioning of their facility.

All of the companies listed on the GC Pro website, including well-known names such as studio designers studio bau:ton and Yanchar Design & Consulting, are not merely leaders in their fields, but they also meet GC Pro’s stringent vendor criteria. Additional affiliates now include acoustical designers Carl Tatz Design Group, Malvicino Design Group and NJM media; systems integrators ChrisMix and Visioneering Design; and independent technical services providers John Connolly and Daniel Lerner.

When customers click on individual links within the Installation tab, they will be able to see a brief description of that company and some examples of their work. They can go directly to that company’s web page through the GC Pro website to gather further information and contact them to inquire about a project. Customers can also rely on GC Pro to act as the coordinator for all of these services, to form a turnkey solution for music/recording studios, post-production houses, live sound venues, houses of worship and any other types of audio/video facilities that need design/build/integration expertise.

The GC Pro Affiliates list will be dynamic – new companies will be added regularly as they meet GC Pro’s requirements. In fact, as part of their long-term expansion of these resources, GC Pro is currently accepting applications for Affiliate System Integrators and Technical Services providers through the same website. Additionally, GC Pro has been profiling recent installation projects on the site, and they will continue to update and spotlight the profile section on a regular basis.

Horacio Malvicino, founder and managing director of the Malvicino Design Group, stated, “With the addition of the Affiliates program, GC Pro has put everything under one umbrella and can truly offer a full turnkey solution to a client. As a firm that specializes in architectural acoustics, studio design and system integration, GC Pro now has professionals in every aspect of the business — we can analyze the project and can get an overall picture of what the client wants, so we can actually help them accomplish their goals within a reasonable budget. I have my own clientele, but now through my new association with GC Pro, my reach is immense. Since GC Pro Installations has been online, in less than a week, I got 17 emails through my website of potential customers. I know this new relationship is going to expand my business and their business — it’s a perfect marriage."

Peter Grueneisen, Principal, studio bau:ton and nonzero\architecture, stated, “We are very excited about our new strategic alliance with GCPro – it allows us to offer our clients an unmatched selection of equipment at great prices from one single nationwide source, while our twenty year long experience in designing exceptional media facilities will contribute to GCPro’s Installations program by adding world-class studio design and architecture services. Our customers will greatly benefit from the collaboration by being able to choose a comprehensive turnkey studio package tailored to their exact needs.”

“These new enhancements made to the GC Pro Installations service further position us as the central resource for any kind of audio project, from a music studio to a club to a church,” explains Rick Plushner, Guitar Center Professional Director. “Our customers can be assured that any of the individuals represented on our website are the best in their fields. And we bring this to market in a very customer-centric manner, in that GC Pro clients can use as much or as little of the services that they feel they need, from simple consultation to a ground-up design/build proposition. And they can manage it themselves, or GC Pro can manage it for them. This opens a whole new world of possibilities to our customers.”

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Photo Caption: Tampa’s Journey Christian Church, which looked to Guitar Center Professional for audio, projection video, acoustical treatment and lighting, as well as extensive consultation and service, for the church’s new worship space.

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