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— Elias Arts purchases SSL AWS 900 digital audio console, Digidesign® Pro Tools®|HD3 and Aviom headphone cue system as part of main studio upgrade —

— GC Pro provides “comprehensive expertise” that makes the process of finding the perfect combination of technology platforms significantly easier and more cost-effective —

NEW YORK, NY, November 21, 2005 — Elias Arts, one of the world’s leading commercial music and sound production companies, with facilities in New York City, Los Angeles and Paris, has made a significant purchase of new technology platforms for the purpose of upgrading the main studio at its Manhattan location. The equipment, which includes an SSL AWS 900 Analogue Workstation System, a Digidesign® Pro Tools®|HD3 system with a full array of plug-ins, and an Aviom headphone cue system, was all purchased through GC Pro, the world’s largest dealer of pro audio equipment and products. The account manager leading the transaction was Blue Wilding.

“Dealing with GC Pro was a fantastic experience,” comments Tag Gross, Executive Producer and General Manager of Elias Arts’ New York facility, which has done original music scores, sound design and audio identity creation for clients including Coke, Nike, Visa, BMW and Verizon. “What really strikes you is the comprehensive expertise and knowledge GC Pro’s sales force brings with them. You’re not just buying products; you’re buying knowledge.”

The advantage that comes from dealing with GC Pro was of significant help to Elias Arts as the company planned an upgrade to its main studio in New York City. “Elias Arts is known for the realness of our music and productions,” says Gross. “We enjoy combining our composers with live musicians in the studio. But the industry has moved further into computers, and that has had an effect on the way people work — many composers won’t go beyond the computer. With GC Pro’s help, we chose an SSL AWS 900 console because it gives us a great balance — it offers the benefits of a great console that our engineers are familiar with, including the SSL K Series microphone pre’s and G Series EQs, and it’s also designed to interface directly with the Pro Tools system. Now, we have the best of both worlds — the speed of a computer and the musicality of the SSL console.”

Elias Arts is planning to upgrade other aspects of its New York facility, and Gross says they will again enlist the help of GC Pro’s experienced sales team. “They listen to what our goals and parameters are and they come back to us with advice based on that,” he confirms. “Why just get a product when you can get a partner?”

For more information on GC Pro, please visit www.gcpro.com or call 800-935-MYGC to reach the nearest GC Pro account manager.

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GC Pro is the outside sales division of Guitar Center that focuses on the needs of professional users. Its clientele includes recording studios, audio engineers, producers, recording and touring musicians, live sound venues, post production facilities and more. Emphasizing extraordinary individualized service via local account managers, GC Pro offers expert consultation and a comprehensive selection of the world’s finest equipment for music and audio professionals.

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