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— Neve’s 40 years of technical heritage results in the Genesys, featuring Neve’s legendary mic preamps and renowned analog circuit design —

— The Genesys is available only at Guitar Center and GC Pro, where the power of this analog console is matched by GC Pro’s dedication and acclaimed customer service —

WESTLAKE VILLAGE, CA, January 27, 2009 — Guitar Center, Inc., America’s leading musical instrument audio retailer, and Guitar Center Professional (GC Pro), the outside sales division of Guitar Center that focuses on the needs of professional users, announce an agreement with AMS Neve Ltd. stating that GC Pro is the exclusive U.S. sales channel for the innovative new Genesys, a custom-crafted, expandable analog recording console with digital workstation control, as well as related products. Genesys was designed to address the new realities of the modern professional audio industry for music, postproduction and gaming, while building on Neve’s 40 years of accumulated technical heritage. In coordination with the recently signed agreement, GC Pro has also announced four demonstration facilities throughout the U.S., in New York, Los Angeles, Nashville and Miami. An additional flight-cased Genesys console will be moved on a monthly basis to other GC Pro locations throughout the country. In partnership with Neve, GC Pro will host a series of industry events to present the product to customers nationally. A Genesys console has already been installed in GC Pro’s West LA location, with additional demo consoles arriving in January.

The Genesys is a comprehensive, cost-effective solution to the challenges of audio in the digital age. The base configuration offers 16 channels of mic/line preamps, 16-channel DAW monitoring, 32-channel analog summing at mixdown, DAW control for Pro Tools, Logic, Nuendo and more, 8 auxiliary buses, 8 group buses, 2 main outputs, 4 effects returns, comprehensive metering, 5.1 monitoring, 2 cue mixes, talkback services and an internal power supply. What sets the Genesys apart is its remarkable combination of features and affordability — an affordable Neve analog console with Neve’s legendary sound and digital control at a cost of less than $50,000 enables the widest possible range of professionals to make a genuine Neve console the heart of their studios. Furthermore, the Genesys has the ability to upgrade as studio owners’ requirements change — it can be expanded to over 60 channels in a straight or articulated frame, with options including motorized fader automation, recall, mastering-grade A/D and D/A converters, digitally controlled EQ and dynamics, remote mic amp control and much more. The Genesys was created by Robin Porter, AMS Neve Head of Analog Design, who with his 35 years at Neve has vast experience with the classic 8068, 8078 and VR consoles and was also the principal designer of the 88R.

GC Pro is uniquely qualified to distribute and market this product. A nationwide organization with offices from around the country, no other professional audio team can provide this degree of comprehensive customer and product service. To support the rollout of the console and the new relationship with Neve, GC Pro demo rooms will be optimized to demonstrate the power of the Genesys, and GC Pro’s 56 staff members will take its message to the industry. Additionally, GC Pro is planning a series of hands-on industry events to present Genesys to its client base.

“Neve is a legendary name, and Genesys represents 40 years of analog console development,” commented GC Pro Director Rick Plushner. “We’re very proud and honored to be selected as the U.S. distributor, and our division is fully behind this product line. At an entry level price point of $50,000 MSRP, for the first time, everyone from a studio owner to an artist/producer, to audio enthusiasts, can actually own a real Neve console.”

Mark Crabtree, Managing Director of AMS Neve, says that choosing Guitar Center and GC Pro as exclusive sales and support partner was simple. “The staff are exceptionally well trained and their contacts in the industry are widespread,” he said. “Having store locations in key markets and allowing hands-on access to the console in well-equipped studio environments makes for a very impressive organization. Neve customers expect a high level of customer service before and after the sale, and we’ve seen how GC Pro has delivered above and beyond with other Neve products, so we know that with GC Pro our new customers will be well taken care of.”

“Guitar Center is excited to offer the extraordinary line of AMS Neve Genesys consoles to our customers,” stated Bill Wrightson, GC Vice President, HiTech Merchandise. “Our partnership with AMS Neve, combined with the outstanding services of our GC Pro organization and our financing/leasing options, will help make it easy to own a Neve console.”

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