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Guitar Center Professional Works with Stoneworks Entertainment
in Upgrading Event Company’s Live Sound Speakers

— GC Pro recommends dBTechnologies DVA T4, offering the right
solution in terms of vocal clarity and ease of setup —

WESTLAKE VILLAGE, CA, April 7, 2016 — Stoneworks Entertainment is a Pflugerville, Texas-based event production company that provides live sound, lighting and other services for corporate events, performing venues, weddings and anywhere top-quality music and entertainment is needed. Recent upgrades were implemented with the help of Guitar Center Professional (GC Pro), the business-to-business (B2B) division of Guitar Center providing highly customized service for professional accounts. Stoneworks co-owner Six Sanchez had been wanting to upgrade the speakers in their tour sound PA, and an e-mail from GC Pro Account Manager Sean Robertson set the wheels in motion.

“Not too long ago I received a courtesy e-mail from Sean thanking me for a past purchase and asking if there was anything else he could help me with,” said Sanchez. “Sean is great when it comes to this kind of follow up, and as a matter of fact I had been interested in upgrading to line array speakers. However, I didn’t know if I could afford them or work with them.”

Sanchez had a number of requirements, the foremost being speakers that would excel in vocal reproduction. He also wanted speakers that would be easy to set up and have the high-power handling and flexibility to cover every live sound situation he’d encounter, from outdoor shows to small clubs. He also plays guitar and sings in Texas Unlimited, one of the state’s top regional bands for concerts, parties and events, and he wanted line arrays that Texas Unlimited could add to its tour sound system on bigger dates.

Equally important, the speakers had to be easy to transport and set up. “I don’t have a 20-person crew – I have a two-man crew, one of them being me!” Sanchez was concerned that even though he liked the clarity of line arrays compared to conventional trap box speakers, most of the line arrays he’d seen were labor-intensive to rig and required a lot of cabling.

After going over the available options, Robertson felt that the dBTechnologies DVA T4 powered three-way line array module would be perfect for Sanchez’s needs. He notes, “A three-way loudspeaker like the DVA T4 is ideal for vocal reproduction because the vocal range falls right in the part of the frequency spectrum that is handled by the midrange driver, and the crossover points for the drivers are outside the vocal range. In a two-way speaker, however, the crossover point between the woofer and high-frequency driver falls right in the middle of the vocal range and can affect vocal clarity. A good three-way loudspeaker can deliver vocals with superior purity and incredible focus.”

The dBTechnologies DVA T4 line arrays are designed to make setup simple. Four DVA T4s can be mounted in a single DTF-4 professional flight case. Stoneworks purchased eight DVA T4 arrays and two DTF-4 cases, along with casters and covers for the cases, two dBTechnologies DVA S30N dual-18-inch 3,000-watt powered subwoofers and a number of Live Wire, RapcoHorizon and ProCo cables.

“We leave the DVA T4s in the cases and leave the line arrays all daisy-chained and wired together,” Sanchez said, “so all we have to do is roll the case into place, rig the cases to a fly bar, run one cable from the mixer and connect one power cable.” Depending on the venue, Sanchez can either fly the case or stack it, and either ground-stack or fly the subwoofers.

The DVA T4 and DVZ S30N feature built-in Digipro® Class D amplification with sophisticated DSP and sound-tailoring capabilities. “Not having to carry heavy racks of amplifiers is a big plus – I remember the backbreaking days of amps that weighted one pound per watt!” noted Sanchez. “But even more importantly, the speakers’ and subwoofers’ DSP and programmable crossover points make it really easy for us to dial in the optimum sound for any venue.” The DVA T4 offers eight system presets for high- and low-mid frequency correction and the DVZS30N provides crossover and delay presets plus continuously variable crossover adjustment.

“We were able to offer really attractive pricing for Six,” Robertson pointed out, “and work with dBTechnologies to deliver all the products quickly, in time for a particular gig Six really wanted to use the dBTechnologies line for. In fact, Six was able to upgrade to better subwoofers than what he originally thought he needed because we were able to put together a great package for him that fit within his budget.”

Sanchez concluded, “I couldn’t be happier with the sound we can provide to our clients now that we’ve stepped up to high-quality line arrays. Sean at GC Pro was able to take my idea of the sound I wanted to hear – clear, powerful vocals in any indoor and outdoor venue – and translate that into the recommendation of speakers that not only match but exceed my requirements.”

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