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TYX Studios Managing Director Jack Freegard pictured in The Red Studio at TYX Studios’ London facility

The Cotton Mill Studio at TYX Studios’ Wakefield facility

TYX Studios is the heart of the vibrant Tileyard creative business community

Genelec TYX Studios case study


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TYX Studios attracts more artists after upgrade to Genelec

NATICK, MA, January 30, 2024 — Home to around 250 independent studios and businesses, TYX Studios is the heart of the vibrant Tileyard creative business community. Its two premium Signature Studios, the Red Studio in London and the Cotton Mill Studio in Wakefield, have recently upgraded their monitoring solutions to Genelec’s The Ones.

It was a commercial decision that set the studio on this upgrade path, since TYX Studios places great importance on providing a superior auditory experience to attract artists. “To encourage people to come in and use our spaces, you want spot-on monitoring,” comments TYX Studios Managing Director Jack Freegard. “You want that auditory experience to be a level up so that whatever you’re doing, whether that’s playback sessions, mixing or mastering, you have the confidence that what you hear is what you get.”

While Genelec hadn’t always been the solution of choice for TYX Studios, ‘The Ones’ series of coaxial point source monitors really stood out. “I’ve worked with Genelec every now and then, and had never really been that enamored by them until I heard The Ones series,” explains Freegard. “For me, it was just a sublime monitoring experience. The phase coherency and pinpoint accuracy maintained across the whole soundfield is just another level, and I think that comes from the design. They’re absolutely phenomenal; I’ve not heard imaging quite like it.”

The TYX Studios team opted to combine a pair of 8361 three-way monitors with two W371 adaptive woofer systems for both locations. This decision was driven by the need for a free-standing full-range stereo solution capable of delivering exceptional performance in both control rooms. Although these rooms were not small, they posed some challenges for traditional systems. By overcoming spatial limitations, the 8361 and W371 combination ensured a consistent monitoring experience, effectively addressing the distinctive acoustic characteristics of both the Red Studio and the Cotton Mill Studio.

The installation process presented several depth-related issues in the Red Studio and width challenges in the Cotton Mill Studio. Fortunately, Genelec’s GLM calibration software was harnessed to analyze both rooms and optimize the monitoring systems to achieve a listening experience completely tailored to the space – thereby producing mixes that translate consistently. “The GLM calibration tools are fantastic,” Freegard adds. “We lined up the monitors in these rooms as we usually would, and they just sounded great. We’re all very impressed.”

The stereo setup stands out with its super-smooth low-end response, a testament to the advanced technology at play. The W371 tailors system performance carefully to the room, providing flatter, smoother in-room response with more coherent LF imaging. Offering three different operating modes, the W371 uses GLM to select and optimize the signal processing for the best LF radiation mode, taking into account both the monitor location and listening position. Highlighting the subjective aspect of the speaker experience, Freegard notes that in demos with various high-end monitoring systems, the consensus with Genelec was, “This just sounds ‘right’ – it goes beyond accuracy in the stereo field and transient response. Sometimes, it’s all about a feeling of rightness.”

TYX Studios has received overwhelmingly positive feedback across various musical styles, with specific appreciation from genres like grime and hip-hop for the smooth LF extension of the W371s and the general punchiness due to the transient response of the system. It was the consistently positive feedback from London’s Red Studio, used for tracking and overdubbing, that prompted the decision to replicate the experience in Wakefield’s Cotton Mill Studio – for a consistent artist experience across both locations.

Exciting projects are on the horizon for TYX Studios and Genelec, including a compelling masterclass series in the Red Studio, featuring the diverse talents of the Tileyard community. Freegard expresses enthusiasm for collaborating with Genelec, weaving its expertise seamlessly into these educational sessions. “We’re thrilled about the possibility of teaming up with Genelec on this venture – it’s a blend of technical prowess and artistic expression, that’s both enriching and enjoyable for everyone involved.”

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Photo file 1: TYXStudios_PR_Image_1.JPG
Photo caption 1: TYX Studios Managing Director Jack Freegard pictured in The Red Studio at TYX Studios’ London facility

Photo file 2: TYXStudios _PR_Image_2.JPG
Photo caption 2: The Cotton Mill Studio at TYX Studios’ Wakefield facility

Photo file 3: TYXStudios _PR_Image_3.JPG
Photo caption 3: TYX Studios is the heart of the vibrant Tileyard creative business community

PDF file: Tileyard_Case_Study_FINAL.PDF
PDF caption: Genelec TYX Studios case study

Genelec, the pioneer in Active Monitoring technology, is celebrating 45 years of designing and manufacturing active loudspeakers for true and accurate sound reproduction. Genelec is credited with promoting the concept of active transducer technology. Since its inception in 1978, Genelec has concentrated its efforts and resources into creating active monitors with unparalleled sonic integrity. The result is an active speaker system that has earned global acclaim for its accurate imaging, extremely high acoustic output from small enclosures, true high-fidelity with low distortion, and deep, rich bass.

Genelec is also continuing with its 18th year of Smart Active Monitoring™ technology, which allows studio monitors to be networked, configured and calibrated for the user’s specific acoustic environment. Each Smart Active Monitor or subwoofer is equipped with advanced internal DSP circuitry, which tightly integrates with the GLM (Genelec Loudspeaker Manager) software application, running on Mac or PC. GLM’s reference microphone kit allows the user’s acoustic environment to be analyzed, after which GLM’s AutoCal feature optimizes each Smart Active Monitor for level, distance delay, subwoofer crossover phase and room response equalization, with the option of further fine tuning by the user. By minimizing the room’s influence on the sound, Smart Active Monitors deliver an unrivalled reference, with excellent translation between rooms.

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—For more information on the complete range of Genelec Active Monitoring Systems, contact: Genelec Inc., 7 Tech Circle, Natick, MA 01760. Tel: (508) 652-0900; Fax: (508) 652-0909;














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