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Aguilar Storm King pedal

Aguilar Storm King pedal

Aguilar Storm King pedal

Aguilar Storm King pedal

Aguilar Storm King pedal

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Aguilar Musical Instruments introduces Storm King distortion/fuzz pedal

Melville, NY – October 24, 2022 – Aguilar Musical Instruments, a Long Island-based manufacturer of bass amplification products, announces the introduction of the Storm King distortion/fuzz pedal.

Majestic and mighty like its Hudson Valley namesake Storm King Mountain, this micro pedal delivers a sound like no other. Its unique SHAPE control features a wide sweep of tones from a light tube-like saturation to an aggressive, dirty ripped-speaker tone and everything in-between. The KICK button delivers a frequency boost for an extra bump in presence and punch. Whether players are looking to give their instrument a tube-like, saturated tone, cutting distortion, or a massive in-your-face fuzz sound, the Storm King delivers.

Jordan Cortese, Aguilar Brand Manager, remarks, “The Storm King pedal reinforces our ethos of ‘inspired engineering,’ drawing inspiration from our beloved Tone Hammer amp, and in particular its drive circuit. We said to ourselves, ‘What if we took the handcuffs off that circuit and pushed it even further? What are some of the new distortion sounds we could achieve?’ Well, we did just that, and thus, the Storm King was born.”

The Aguilar Storm King is now available with U.S. MAP pricing of $179.99.

For more information about Aguilar Amplification, visit https://www.aguilaramp.com/.

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Photo caption 1: Aguilar Storm King pedal

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Photo caption 2: Aguilar Storm King pedal

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Photo caption 3: Aguilar Storm King pedal

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Photo caption 4: Aguilar Storm King pedal

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Photo caption 5: Aguilar Storm King pedal








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