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Blackstar Carry-on 49-Key Folding Piano

The Blackstar Carry-on 49-Key Folding Piano is a perfect holiday gift you can take anywhere.

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The Blackstar Carry-On 49-Key Folding Piano – A Perfect Holiday Gift

If you know someone who wants to learn how to play the piano, or is a seasoned musician looking to have a lightweight, portable piano they can take with them anywhere, the Blackstar Carry-on 49-Key Folding Piano is the perfect gift this holiday season. This new type of piano actually folds for transport and storage. Thanks to its clever design, the keys feel like a real instrument, making the Carry-on piano the perfect solution for anyone from entry-level students to accomplished players. Users can now play the piano any time, anywhere using headphones or through the built-in stereo speakers. With 128 sounds, including acoustic and electric pianos, organ, synthesizer and more, plus rhythms and accompaniments and MIDI over USB, this is the ultimate go-anywhere piano practice and recording system.  

When folded, the piano measures a mere 15.3 inches in length – allowing users to carry it in a small backpack, or put it away when visitors arrive. It weighs just 2.23 pounds too, making it a viable lightweight creative option that's ready wherever and whenever inspiration strikes. Thanks to a USB-rechargeable lithium-ion battery, the piano provides eight hours of playing time on a full charge. The Carry-on 49-Key Folding Piano comes with a USB charging cable and sustain pedal and is currently available at a $99.99 price point. For players looking for a full-size keyboard, check out the big brother – the Carry-on 88-Key Folding Piano and MIDI Controller, at a price point of $129.99. 

For more information, visit https://shop.blackstaramps.com/carry-on-piano-fp49/.  

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Photo caption 1: Blackstar Carry-on 49-Key Folding Piano

Photo caption 2: The Blackstar Carry-on 49-Key Folding Piano is a perfect holiday gift you can take anywhere.








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