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KORG 88-key NAUTILUS Performance Synth/Workstation

KORG 73-key NAUTILUS Performance Synth/Workstation

KORG 73-key NAUTILUS Performance Synth/Workstation

KORG 61-key NAUTILUS Performance Synth/Workstation

Rear panel of KORG 73-key NAUTILUS Performance Synth/Workstation


Morgan Walker – KORG USA
P: 631-816-5915


KORG Introduces Performance Powerhouse NAUTILUS Workstations

Melville, NY – November 9, 2020 – The new NAUTILUS Workstation from KORG delivers the power and performance of KORG’s flagship KRONOS in a streamlined design, with new and updated sounds, making NAUTILUS ideal for performing musicians, songwriters and producers.

Each of the 88-, 73- and 61-key NAUTILUS performance Workstation models provide articulated reproduction of a vast range of sounds – over 2,200 – using the full nine-engine muscle of KRONOS, with enhanced SGX-2 Grand Piano and HD-1 High Definition PCM synthesizer engines. New sounds, full-featured sampling, HD audio recording capabilities and on-board processing are at a player’s fingertips. The fast and agile TouchView 7-inch color touchscreen with gesture support, and a wealth of real-time controllers – a four-way joystick, vector joystick, ribbon control, a dedicated dynamics knob and customizable buttons – provide intuitive control crafted for speed.

“NAUTILUS delivers the power and sound quality of KRONOS in a streamlined design that’s suited not only for studio, but, with its quick-access user interface, also for live performance,” says KORG USA Brand Manager James Sajeva. “There’s really no other synth that offers more to explore sonically, and with a workflow that puts you in control of all of its breathtaking sounds faster than ever.” 

NAUTILUS sound creation is built on a three-pillared concept, with many sounds unique to the line. First, “Standard” sounds are, as the name implies, core sounds useful across all musical genres, such as acoustic and electric pianos, orchestral instruments, guitars and bass guitars. “Current” sounds made possible by NAUTILUS’ modeling synthesis and PCM engines are keyed to modern composition and production tastes and include up-to-date synth sounds, drum kits and special effects. The “Unique” category of NAUTILUS sounds, including phrase loops that follow tempo, pianos that combine wild timbres with stunning piano sources, found percussion and more, exhibit powerful character all their own to inspire creativity.

The NAUTILUS also includes Grand and Upright pianos from the KORG KRONOS and Grandstage plus EXs piano libraries, plus its own new piano, combining to provide the most piano types featured in any keyboard product. The NAUTILUS sound architecture can deliver a powerful two-part split/layer plus a drum track in a single Program and includes such advanced configurations as a 16-part Combination Mode. NAUTILUS is 240-note polyphonic capable and features KORG’s Dynamic Polyphony Allocation and Smooth Sound Transition technologies for uninterrupted performance and sound switching. NAUTILUS also includes a dual polyphonic arpeggiator. A fully customizable Setlist mode complements NAUTILUS’ flexibility.

The 88-key NAUTILUS keys feature KORG’s finest RH3 Real Weighted Hammer Action to give an authentic and accurate piano playing experience, while the 73- and 61-key keyboards offer KORG’s Natural Touch ultra-quick and expressive semi-weighted synthesizer action.

Onboard processing includes up to 16 effects and 32 EQs simultaneously, with a dozen inserts. Also onboard is a sequencer with 16 MIDI tracks, 16 audio tracks, and an internal SSD drive.

The three models of the KORG NAUTILUS Performance Synth/Workstation will be available in early 2021 with pricing as follows:

Nautilus88 – 88-key Performance Synth/Workstation – $2699.99
Nautilus73 – 73-key Performance Synth/Workstation – $2399.99
Nautilus61 – 61-key Performance Synth/Workstation – $1999.99

For more information, visit www.KORG.com.

Video available here: https://youtu.be/xXDs5WMVlas

Additional photos available at https://www.dropbox.com/sh/odt2vjn1hu56qmf/AAD12XuByo-QOdT4GHkqEOCma?dl=0.

Photo file 1: NAUTILUS_88_slant.JPG
Photo caption 1: KORG 88-key NAUTILUS Performance Synth/Workstation

Photo file 2: NAUTILUS_73_top.JPG
Photo caption 2: KORG 73-key NAUTILUS Performance Synth/Workstation

Photo file 3: NAUTILUS_73_slant.JPG
Photo caption 3: KORG 73-key NAUTILUS Performance Synth/Workstation

Photo file 4: NAUTILUS_61_pers.JPG
Photo caption 4: KORG 61-key NAUTILUS Performance Synth/Workstation

Photo file 5: NAUTILUS_73_rear.JPG
Photo caption 5: Rear panel of KORG 73-key NAUTILUS Performance Synth/Workstation








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