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Waves Introduces Next-Generation MaxxAudio® 5 Sound Enhancement Technology at CES 2013

— MaxxAudio 5 audio enhancement technology brings studio-quality surround sound to the consumer electronics market sector —

INTERNATIONAL CES, LAS VEGAS, NV, January 8, 2013 — The Consumer Electronics Division of Waves (LVH 1430), the industry leader in professional audio digital signal processing technologies and recipient of a Technical GRAMMY® award, is unveiling MaxxAudio® 5, its next generation of sound-enhancement technology. MaxxAudio 5 incorporates a host of proprietary signal-processing technologies to deliver richer, more immersive sound with better definition, deeper bass and a more enveloping soundfield. The most significant enhancement in MaxxAudio 5 is Maxx360°, Waves’ up-mixing module to automatically mix stereo source material into surround sound while constantly maintaining the character of the original mix. By employing Maxx360°, stereo source material becomes a rich, enveloping 360-degree experience with improved surround imaging and wider soundscape.

Additionally, MaxxAudio 5 supports a wide selection of the surround sound configurations: Quadraphonic – four-channel playback (2x Front, 2x Rear); 5.1 – six-channel playback (2x Front, 2x Rear, Center, Subwoofer); and 7.1 – eight-channel playback (2x Front, 2x Rear, Center, Subwoofer and 2x Sides).

Waves MaxxAudio 5 builds upon the performance of Waves’ acclaimed MaxxAudio 4 to offer significantly improved audio quality, using technologies that are directly derived from the company’s professional studio processing heard on countless hit records, major motion pictures and top-selling video games. Waves digital signal processing (DSP) technology has a proven track record that has made them a perfect fit to work with companies like Dell, ASUS, Sony, iOS/Android developers and more, who have employed Waves processing technologies as part of the feature set of their product offerings

"MaxxAudio 5 represents the next evolution of MaxxAudio technology," said Tomer Elbaz, Executive Vice President, General Manager of Waves Consumer Electronics Division. "Waves is committed to bringing superior audio to manufacturers and end-users alike, using technologies derived from our professional audio processors. Leading OEMs who truly care about sound recognize the value Waves MaxxAudio brings to their products, and how they deliver a more enjoyable and immersive listening experience to their users."

MaxxAudio 5 can be tailored to each device it’s incorporated into, yielding optimum sonic performance for each product, whether listening through speakers or headphones. MaxxAudio 5 uses proprietary processing that works in real time, for consistently satisfying high-quality sound.

Following is an outline of key MaxxAudio5 technologies.

  • Maxx360° is Waves’ up-mixing (also known as super-mix) module, designed to automatically mix stereo input to surround output.
  • MaxxVolume® provides increased volume levels, improves clarity and increases the intelligibility of softer sounds at quiet volumes.
  • MaxxLeveler™ smoothes out volume differences between programs, songs, broadcast stations and the like.
  • MaxxTreble™ high-frequency enhancement brings out sonic nuances with crisp detail and clarity.
  • MaxxDialog™ lets listeners adjust dialog levels in movies and games, without affecting the rest of the audio mix.
  • MaxxSpace™ headphone enhancement provides an expansive, enveloping listening experience that replicates a surround sound listening environment.
  • MaxxStereo™ improves the stereo separation of laptop speakers by widening the “sweet spot” and creating a bigger stereo spread.
  • MaxxBass®  virtual subwoofer technology uses psychoacoustic processing to deliver more satisfying low-frequency response. It’s much more than a typical bass boost EQ – MaxxBass analyzes the audio content to create more natural-sounding bass.
  • MaxxEQ™ gives listeners the ability to shape the sound to their preferences, using full frequency spectrum equalization to enhance all types of content from streaming media and music to movies and games.

For more information, please visit www.maxx.com.

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About Waves Ltd.:
Waves is the world's leading provider of audio DSP solutions for professional, broadcast, and consumer electronics audio markets, and recipient of a 2011 Technical GRAMMY® award for its contributions to the recording industry. Waves has twenty years of expertise in the development of psychoacoustic signal processing algorithms that leverage knowledge on the human perception of hearing to radically improve perceived sound quality. Waves’ award-winning processors are utilized to improve sound quality in the creation of the world’s most popular music, movie soundtracks, and multimedia titles.

Waves offers software and hardware solutions for the professional and broadcast markets. Additionally, Waves also offers semiconductor-with-embedded-software solutions under the Maxx brand for consumer electronics audio applications. Waves’ Maxx technologies dramatically enhance audio performance and are used by industry leaders such as Dell, Sony, Sanyo, ASUS, and many others.

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Waves CE Division is exhibiting at LVH 1430 at the 2013 CES Show in Las Vegas, NV.



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