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Waves eMotion LV1 Complete Live Mixing System


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Waves Introduces the eMotion LV1 Complete Live Mixing System

Knoxville, TN, February 26, 2019Waves Audio, the world’s leading developer of professional audio signal processing technologies and leading maker of audio plugins for mixing, music production, mastering, sound design, broadcast, post-production and live sound, introduces the eMotion LV1 Complete Live Mixing System.

The Waves eMotion LV1 Complete Live Mixing System incorporates everything you need in order to create truly captivating live sound experiences. It is an all-inclusive and extremely cost-effective mixing solution, ideal for houses of worship, clubs, touring bands and live engineers.

This compact system offers the following features and benefits:

  • Easy portability
  • Fast and easy setup
  • Instant sonic excellence out of the box
  • Quick and simple virtual soundcheck
  • Smooth and speedy transition from a musical production to a succeeding audio visual conference (the latter clearly benefiting by using dedicated Dugan Automixer and Dugan Speech plugins)
  • Compatible with the TRACT System Calibration plugin for hall analysis just minutes before a show.
  • Exceptional unique scalability (in that you are not limited in your I/Os; for instance, in the case with a common console, where the only course would normally be to acquire a bigger one, with the eMotion LV1 Complete Live Mixing System you have the freedom to expand your I/O count from 16 to 32, to 64 and beyond)
  • Unprecedented price performance of $5499

The complete live mixing system comes with the Waves eMotion LV1 16-stereo-channel live software mixer, SoundStudio STG-1608 stagebox, SoundGrid Impact Server-C, Axis One Waves-optimized computer, 24-inch Dell touchscreen, eight-port network switch and network cables.

The LV1 delivers class-A sound quality and an unparalleled workflow. Featuring 16 mono/stereo channels, LV1’s channel strips feature a plugin rack that can host up to eight SoundGrid-compatible plugins for real-time processing. It also comes pre-loaded with three plugins specifically designed for live sound: eMo F2 Filter, eMo D5 Dynamics, and eMo Q4 Equalizer. The included SoundStudio STG-1608 is a sturdy SoundGrid stagebox that features 16 mic/line inputs with high-end preamps, the latter of which can be remote-controlled directly from LV1’s mixer channels.

All audio coming from the stage and through the plugins is processed on the included SoundGrid Impact Server-C. You can send the processed audio out to the PA system and back to the stage via the eight-line outputs. All of this takes place at a lightning speed of only 0.8 ms at 44.1–96 kHz.

To supercharge your LV1 mixing system, run eMotion LV1 on Axis One, a Waves-optimized computer made from the ground up to perform consistently and reliably even in the most challenging scenarios. It features an Intel i5 8500 processor, 16 GB of DDR4 RAM, two HDMI ports, one display port, eight USB2/3 ports and a USB-C port, all cased in a rugged 2U half-rack chassis. With maximum stability and rock-solid performance, Axis One is optimized to run eMotion LV1 and other Waves software with power to spare.

A few comments from experienced eMotion LV1 users:

GRAMMY®-winning rapper Pitbull’s FOH engineer, Will Madera comments, “Using the LV1 to mix Pitbull on stage has been a watershed experience. LV1 has made my mixing as easy as mixing in the studio. Its sound quality is clear and crisp, and having all my plugins in the console’s channel strip is amazing. Eight plugins per channel – what a beautiful thing. The future of audio is here!”

FOH engineer Tomas Wolfe keeps a smooth live mix for Run The Jewels’ sold-out shows, even with mic cupping, heavy bass and other challenges faced at live hip hop shows. Wolfe comments, “Really, without these plugins I wouldn’t have been able to do as good of a job in my live shows, period. And having them all run inside the LV1 mixer, all as part of one lightweight system, is the bonus in this situation.”

FOH engineer Jon Schumann (Mew, Lykke Li) has been mixing Danish electropop singer/producer MØ using the LV1. Schuman comments, “ Two things – the sound quality is amazing, and the system is so flexible and light. We’re doing quite a few festivals and it’s great to be able to pack up our entire small creative ‘office,’ check into the airport, and put it all on the plane to fly with us wherever we go on tour. Even if you’re a smaller band, you can take it with you. You don’t have to be Coldplay to travel with your own rig!”

Phil Peters, Director of Audio Services and FOH Mixing Engineer for Christian Broadcast Network, remarks, “At CBN, our content dictates several requirements: excellent sonic quality, small footprint, ease of use, digital integration, and ideally the ability to run Waves plugins. After demoing the eMotion LV1 software with a Surface Pro and a single DiGiGrid MGB, we all agreed that the mix engine sounded great and the software interface would be beneficial to our workflow. We could also purchase the building blocks of the system and grow as our use of the LV1 developed. After one of our first ‘live’ productions, we found ourselves with internal discussions over who would get to use the LV1 on the next show, which led to the purchase of the second one.”
FOH engineer Luis Irizarry (Luis Fonsi, Calle 13) mixed the latest tour by hip-hop artist Residente using the eMotion LV1 live mixer. Irizarry comments, “The first thing that grabbed my attention with the LV1 was the option of having a console so portable and versatile. I can use it in a huge show of 30,000 people, and then I can just as easily mount it in my hotel room and tweak the sound using a recording of the show. This makes virtual soundcheck before the show a no-brainer. The setup is seamlessly simple. But above all, the sound quality is just INCREDIBLE. And, of course, Waves plugins are easily accessible from the LV1, which means that I can use the same plugin presets used in the albums. This enables me to have the show sound as close as possible to the mix of Residente’s CDs. It’s so versatile – I can run it in my living room today, then use it at FOH tomorrow.”

Front-of-house engineer Dani Munoz (Flo Rida, Enrique Iglesias, Animal Collective, Snoop Dogg) chose the Waves eMotion LV1 live mixer on tour for Canadian reggae fusion band Magic!. Munoz remarks, “The Waves LV1 and Waves plugins are the ace under our sleeve. Now we are able to give fans the very best experience we can, no matter where we go.”

Popular Brooklyn club and live music venue Elsewhere has chosen Waves’ eMotion LV1 as its in-house live mixer. Technical Director David Levin comments, “My main goals in choosing a desk for Zone One were sound quality, ease of use and enough flexibility that the engineers won’t get bored!” he says. “When I was first introduced to the LV1, it took about three minutes to learn the basic functionality of the desk, and under 30 minutes to feel like I had a deep grasp of the more in-depth functions. The layout is instantly very familiar, user-friendly, and extremely intuitive. We are doing nine shows and 27+ artists per week! We get a lot of touring guest engineers coming through with their bands, so the console needs to be easy enough for them to become accustomed to – quickly. The LV1 has proven successful in this department, since the GUI is familiar enough that touring engineers can learn the basic workflow by the end of their first sound check on the system. The eMotion LV1 sounds insanely good. The preamps are clean, and the summing is at the top of any class of console. This allows the engineer to choose the vibe he or she wants to achieve. On any given day, you can choose to challenge yourself by mixing with a completely different set of plugins to explore all the flavor variations.”

With the Waves eMotion LV1 Complete Live Mixing System, you can now create studio-quality sound, live on stage with an all inclusive setup and at an affordable price performance as well.

To learn more, visit https://www.waves.com/hardware/emotion-lv1-complete-live-mixing-system.

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About Waves Audio Ltd.:
Waves is the world’s leading developer of audio DSP solutions for the professional, broadcast, and consumer electronics audio markets. Since its start in the early '90s with the introduction of the Q10 equalizer plugin, Waves has gone on to develop a comprehensive line of over 150 audio plugins, including industry standards like the L1 and L2 Ultramaximizers, popular vintage console models, and innovative mixing tools like Vocal Rider and the Artist Signature Series. For its accomplishments, Waves received a Technical GRAMMY® Award in 2011, and the Q10 was selected as an inductee into the TECnology Hall of Fame. In 2016, Waves released the eMotion LV1 mixer, a revolutionary live digital mixing console that provides real-time audio mixing for front-of-house, monitor, studio and broadcast engineers. Waves technologies are now used to improve sound quality in virtually every sector of the audio market, from recording, mixing, mastering and post-production to broadcast, live sound, and consumer electronics. Waves has over 25 years of expertise in the development of psychoacoustic signal processing algorithms that leverage knowledge of human auditory perception to radically improve perceived sound quality. Waves’ award-winning processors are utilized to improve sound quality in the creation of hit records, major motion pictures, and top-selling video games worldwide. Waves offers computer software and hardware-plus-software solutions for the professional and broadcast markets. The company’s WavesLive division is a market leader in all live sound sectors, spearheading the development of solutions for all live platforms. Under its Maxx brand, Waves offers semiconductor and licensable algorithms for consumer electronics applications. Waves technologies dramatically enhance audio performance and are used by industry leaders such as Dell, Google, Fitbit, Acer, Asus, Hisense and more.

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