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Red and RedNet from Focusrite: The Perfect Partner for Pro Tools | HD




Red and RedNet from Focusrite:The Perfect Partner for Pro Tools | HD

Los Angeles, CA, October 7, 2016 – Now that Avid are unbundling HD hardware, software and interfaces, you're free to buy only the elements of a system that you want from Avid – the software on its own, or with an HD Native or HDX card – and buy a third-party interface of your choice. This is where Focusrite's RedNet and the new Red interfaces come in. Whether your Pro Tools system is large or small, Focusrite provides the interfaces you need for maximum quality and exceptional versatility.

Red and Pro Tools | HD
Featuring Focusrite's high-precision, low-noise conversion, multiple connectivity, minimal latency and beautiful yet robust design, Focusrite's Red 4Pre and the new Red 8Pre make the perfect partners for Pro Tools | HD.

The Red 4Pre (four 'Red Evolution' digitally-controlled preamps and 58 inputs/64 outputs) and Red 8Pre (eight preamps and 64 inputs / 64 outputs, including a total of 16 analogue inputs and 18 analogue outputs) both connect direct to Pro Tools | HD via dual DigiLink™ connectors, and include two front-panel high-headroom instrument inputs, plus Dante™ network audio connectivity with automatic routing. Red's 'Red Evolution' preamps feature the 'Air' effect - an analogue emulation of the heritage Focusrite ISA transformer-based preamp sound.

RedNet and Pro Tools | HD
RedNet is Focusrite’s flagship range of modular Dante-based audio-over-IP interfaces, combining Focusrite’s rich heritage of creating great sounding audio hardware with Audinate’s robust and reliable Dante network audio system. RedNet embodies Focusrite's advanced A-D / D-A conversion, along with rock-solid clocking and premium analogue circuitry, and the range features models specifically designed to link Dante to Pro Tools.

Focusrite’s RedNet 5 and HD32R interfaces - the latter with full network and power supply redundancy - bridge between Pro Tools | HD and the Dante audio network, behaving just like standard Pro Tools® interfaces, with each RedNet unit capable of routing 32 input and 32 output channels between the Dante network and a Pro Tools | HD system. The RedNet bridge is connected to Pro Tools via standard mini DigiLink connectors. Multiple RedNet 5 and/or HD32R units can be used with a Pro Tools | HDX system. RedNet I/O interfaces can then be added to pass high-quality audio around the network with near-zero latencies.

RedNet to Pro Tools bridges can be used with both older Pro Tools | HD systems and the very latest Pro Tools | HD Native or Pro Tools HDX systems – and alongside existing Avid® or Digidesign® interfaces, allowing owners to make the most of their existing equipment.

In every sense, an interface from Focusrite makes the perfect partner for Pro Tools | HD.

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Photo caption: Red and RedNet from Focusrite: The Perfect Partner for Pro Tools | HD

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About Focusrite
The Focusrite brand was established in 1985 and the founding principles of the company were to develop products that sounded more musical, in addition to just measuring well – today, we still carry these founding principles forward in our class-leading and award-winning designs. We measure our success by the success of you, our clients, and you will find Focusrite product prominent in professional and project studios throughout the world. Based just outside of London, we work with the best design talent throughout the world to bring you the tools to enhance the way you work. Our product is made with pride and principle in a highly automated ISO 9002 factory with significant level of test by engineers who themselves are musicians and understand the part our product plays in your process.





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