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Focusrite Releases RedNet Control 2 Software

Major update offers improved control of larger systems

Los Angeles, CA, February 15, 2017 – Focusrite, international leader in audio interface design, has released a major update to RedNet Control, the software system that provides remote control for products in the company's RedNet range of Dante™-based audio-over-IP systems. RedNet users the world over are employing and planning ever-larger RedNet systems, and RedNet Control 2 was developed in response to this trend. Feedback and comments from users played an important role in the new system's development.

Based around a web-browser-like tabbed graphical interface, RedNet Control 2 is designed to handle any RedNet system, from just a few units up to an impressive maximum of 600 devices. The system allows for improved device monitoring, metering and control of the vast majority of device parameters. Available system components are displayed graphically, and can be dragged and dropped from a sidebar list into a grid on a tab. Each of up to 50 tabs can display up to 12 devices. Devices can be grouped logically and intuitively on each page. A tab can represent one area of a multi-location system, for example.

"In education, post-production, live entertainment or sports broadcasting, RedNet systems incorporating hundreds, or even thousands of signals are now simpler and easier to manage," says RedNet Product Manager Will Hoult. "Live Sound workflows can be streamlined by separating units into different areas, and the management of extremely large systems – such as an educational establishment with multiple performance or recording areas spread across a campus or beyond – is now significantly easier than before. RedNet Control 2 represents a major improvement to the system's flexibility and ease of use."

The layout is unique to each workstation, so each operator can have his or her own custom view of network devices. Alternatively, the layout save/load feature allows the same set of views to be deployed at every location, or to have an array of preset views for different scenarios.

The inclusion of various key-command shortcuts allows the user to quickly navigate even the largest array of devices. Meanwhile, clipping channels can be identified immediately, even on devices that are out of view. Devices in the Device List sidebar turn red in the event of a clip, and double-clicking on the device will automatically bring that device's tab into focus, allowing the operator to quickly rectify the situation. RedNet Control 2 indicates Dante Device Lockout status, which prevents fundamental changes to a device from being carried out unless the device is unlocked. A red padlock is shown on the graphic representation of the device when Dante Device Lockout is enabled: status is set or cleared from within Dante Controller.

Individual devices in the Device List sidebar are displayed in italics when they have been assigned to a tab. Right-clicking a device enables it to be identified and renamed. The Device List can be filtered to display only devices that meet certain criteria – such as sample rate, devices that are not currently in a tab, and other criteria. The Device List is also searchable.

Tabs in the main screen area can contain either 12 or six devices, depending on the level of detail required. New devices can be added to a tab by dragging from the device sidebar and dropping, and when released they can either replace the existing device in the tab or move everything to the right. Alternatively, the system can populate tabs automatically with devices in the Device List. A drop-down menu provides easy tab content management.

Improved sample rate management makes it easier than ever to configure the system. Sample rates can now be set on a per-tab basis, allowing different rooms to operate at different rates, and it's possible to automate sample rate changes of entire tabs based on the detected change of one device. This can be particularly useful when working with a DAW, which automatically changes rate on the loading of a new session.

RedNet Control 2 is available now as a free upgrade for all RedNet users.

For more details visit www.focusrite.com/downloads/rednet-control-20.  

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