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An example of the “Schedule” module in Studium 33’s Studio Manager software

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Studium 33 introduces Studio Manager software, bringing efficiency to studio administration

— Studio Manager integrates every aspect of studio administration into a single software platform, benefiting both recording, mixing and post-production facilities and their clients —

Edgewater, NJ, November 10, 2021 Studium 33 develops enterprise-class software for managing studios. Its flagship application, Studio Manager, is now available for license exclusively to recording, mixing and post-production facilities.

Born out of systems developed for the iconic Sterling Sound, Studio Manager marries sophisticated software architecture with a deep understanding of the music production business. “Like most studios, we suffered from a lack of automation in our administrative processes,” says Sterling Sound president and Studium 33 co-founder Murat Aktar. “As project timelines got shorter, the manual workload became overwhelming. With nothing available to purchase, we set out to develop our own software, a feat attempted by many studios before us. The breakthrough came when we teamed up with Brian Lambert, a veteran software architect and developer with a storied career at companies including Lotus, Microsoft, Groove Networks and a host of startups.”

Brian Lambert, co-founder of Studium 33, remarks, “Market-specific business applications are risky to build. Even with strong development teams, many projects fail because the requirements are not clearly understood. We had the luxury of time, working alongside Sterling’s engineers, booking managers and clients for years to profile every step of the modern studio workflow.”

The result is a single, integrated application that transforms time-consuming administrative processes into a few keystrokes, including generating estimates, session scheduling, session confirmations, PO requests, invoicing, credit card processing and reporting. Internally, this can reduce the time spent on administration by 30% to 50%. Externally, the benefits to clients are equally impressive. Studio Manager introduces a paperless workflow so clients can handle most transactions from their phone.

Addressing another pain point for studios, Studium 33 offers Certified Transfers and Certified Archives, seamlessly integrated modules for file transfer and project archiving. Certified Transfers offers secure file sharing with stringent data validation to ensure sonic integrity. Certified Archives automates file backups, with a simple drag-and-drop interface. Certified Archives features sophisticated authentication to prevent unauthorized access, as well as continuously verified, geo-redundant storage in three different data centers spanning two geographically separate regions. Archives are easily searchable based on metadata tags.

Studio Manager is developed on the Microsoft suite of applications and tools. “From a single development environment, I write server, database, storage, web and application code,” says Lambert. “This allows a small, highly specialized company like ours to develop complex applications without the seams you get from stitching technologies together.” Users install a Windows application on their local machine (Mac users can run on Parallels), which connects to Microsoft’s Azure Cloud. With over 60 data centers, Azure is the world’s second-largest cloud platform, allowing Studium 33 to deploy and monitor Studio Manager around the globe from a single portal.

Studio Manager is available immediately to recording and mixing studios on a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model for a monthly fee. “Pricing tiers are based on studio size and need,” Aktar explains, “ranging from a one-person operation to a large multi-room, multi-discipline commercial facility.”

“We know from direct experience,” Aktar concludes, “how Studio Manager can improve efficiency in studio administration and project management, enhance business performance and strengthen customer relationships. We look forward to sharing that experience with the wider industry.”

For more information, visit studium33.com.

Photo file 1: StudioManager_CurvedMonitor.jpg
Photo caption 1: An example of the “Schedule” module in Studium 33’s Studio Manager software

About Studium 33
Studium 33 is a developer of enterprise-class software for managing recording and mixing studios. Its flagship product, Studio Manager, integrates every aspect of studio administration into a single platform. Combining sophisticated cloud architecture with a deep understanding of the music production business, Studio Manager creates huge efficiencies for studios and their clients. Hosting on Microsoft Azure allows Studium 33 to deploy and monitor the platform around the globe from a single portal. Studio Manager is available for license as a SaaS offering.





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