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Focusrite Vocaster One and Vocaster Two podcasting interfaces

Vocaster One and Vocaster Two podcasting interfaces earned Focusrite top honors in the “Best in Show” category




Focusrite Vocaster One and Two Earn Top Honors at NAMM U's “Best in Show” Event

Los Angeles, CA, June 8, 2022 – Focusrite was honored at NAMM’s “Best in Show” awards ceremony held at the The NAMM show in Anaheim, CA on June 5, 2022. The “Best in Show” awards recognize top industry products and innovations, as voted on by six noted music retailers who scour the show floor seeking the best new products in four categories. Held the final morning of the 2022 NAMM Show, "Best in Show" is moderated by Frank Alkyer, publisher of Music Inc. and UpBeat Daily magazines, and features spotlighted products, services and technologies that are likely to be a big deal and drive the industry in the year ahead.

Focusrite took home top honors in the “Best in Show” category. The award went to Focusrite Vocaster One and Two as nominated by Chris Tso, VP of Merchandising, Marketing, Product Information Management at Full Compass Systems, Madison, WI. “The Focusrite Vocaster One and Two are thoughtfully designed, gateway, top of funnel products that will increase our industry’s customer base by following the core value of getting more people to engage and fewer to leave. This is why they won my choice for Best in Show products for NAMM 2022.”

Vocaster One is ideal for the solo podcaster, giving them high-quality sound with confidence & ease. Vocaster Two features two mic inputs and two headphones outputs for recording and listening back and is ideal for two people recording in the same room. With both Vocaster units, storytellers can set levels and enhance their sound with one click, and Focusrite’s easy start tool gets them recording straight away. Podcasters can also bring in guests over the phone with the convenience of Bluetooth or a single cable (TRRS to TRRS cable not included). Vloggers are just one cable away (TRS to TRS cable not included) from adding Vocaster’s studio sound to their vlog. Both Vocaster interfaces feature a camera output, allowing you to record high quality audio directly to your camera, removing the need to sync audio and video up later.

“It’s an honor to be recognized by an industry retailer like Chris who sees so many products at the NAMM show and to have him choose ours as a standout means the world to us,” stated Hannah Bliss, Vice President of Marketing, North America, Focusrite Group U.S. “Vocaster One and Two are a direct result of our engineering team working closely with our product managers to develop market driven products that our customers have requested. We’re extremely happy with how well received they have been not only at this NAMM show, but last week at a dedicated Podcasting event.”

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Photo caption 1: Focusrite Vocaster One and Vocaster Two podcasting interfaces

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Photo caption 2: Vocaster One and Vocaster Two podcasting interfaces earned Focusrite top honors in the “Best in Show” category

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Focusrite Audio Engineering has pioneered professional audio recording technology spanning four decades. Starting from the delivery of 12 sonically unrivalled music-recording consoles, Focusrite has gone on to become the leading name in music recording products. The Focusrite brand offers audio interfaces and other solutions for recording musicians, music producers and audio professionals alike. Today the company is famous for offering unprecedented sonic performance at every price point, notably the ubiquitous Scarlett range of USB interfaces. Focusrite relentlessly pursues opportunities to inspire creativity through technology, constantly seeking new ways to eliminate technological barriers, without compromising on sound quality.



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